Sunday, June 24, 2012

Ham -Part 1

There really doesn't need to be two parts to this but I just can't wait for the ham to get done to post about it. Remember the big hams?
We cut the hock off of them and then cut them in half and one whole ham (two halves) was put in the frig. in a 2 gallon bag to cure. We cured it 10 days. Yesterday they were taken out of the cure and washed off and then put back in  the frig. to develop the pellicule.
I was so worried that they wouldn't fit in the smoker together and it was close but they made it. I didn't put a glaze on them. I don't like a glaze on ham, never have.
So keep watching. I should have a post of how they look all done in ....several hours.

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