Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Canned Garlic Onion Potatoes

Potatoes are on sale in the stores right now and I always buy as many as I am able to. This year however the potatoes just aren't storing well. I usually just set them in my kitchen but this year, within a few days, they are starting to rot. I am not sure why this is but I imagine it has something to do with how they are handled when harvested. So I have been buying them and canning them.
My canner is small and I don't like wasting any potatoes so I always measure mine as I cut them. I peel them, cut them into chunks and then drop them into the quart jar until it is full, then put those potatoes in the pan they are going to be boiled in. That way I don't boil more potatos than my little canner can hold.

Once I have the amount of potatoes I need, I cut up one onion. Doesn't matter how you cut it, just get it in the pot with the potatoes. You'll also need garlic. I put a big spoonful of garlic in the pot (a tablespoon maybe).

The potatoes are cooked for 10 minutes.

While it is cooking you can heat up your canner, get your jars ready and also heat to boiling another fairly large pot of just plain water.
After the potatoes have cooked for 10 minutes it is time to start loading the jars. Put the potatoes in:

Put in more garlic. About this much.

And then put in water from the pot of plain water that you boiled. Leave about a inch of headspace.

These have to be canned at 10 lbs pressure for 40 minutes (quarts). Here they are fresh out of the canner.

These are great mashed, fried or just heated up and eaten. 


  1. This is awesome i hope this is the year for me to start pressure canning.....

  2. I can them but not with onion and garlic,

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  5. why do you cook ten min before pressure "cooking" them 40 min? just wondering about the rationale? blanching kinda? figuring removing potential biological concerns....thanks