Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Today's Harvest 1/2/13

Got down to the garden today with the intent of trying to find the beds again. They have been completely overgrown with chickweed again. I did do a little weeding though there is still a lot more to do but I got side-tracked when I found, first, the turnips and then, the cabbage (and then I remembered that I had left all the dogs on the bed together and Romeo and the little boy -who ended up being named Scooter- still have rather terrible fights so I didn't get anymore weeding done).
I am just amazed at my little heads of cabbage (there isn't any brown on them, I am not sure why it looks brown in the picture). This is what I should do every year. Totally neglect the garden and it will grow!
So now to figure out what to do with the cabbage. I don't need sauerkraut as I still have some. I may just blanch it and put it in the freezer.