Saturday, November 2, 2013

Just a Bird Feeder

No I didn't make it. An old man at the flea market made this and no it isn't perfect. It isn't my photo taking that is the problem, the thing is a bit crooked and was obviously made from scrap wood and since the chains go up beside the top instead of through it, I take it he didn't have a drill. He had several other equally imperfect wooden items on his table. I almost walked by since tables with hand made stuff on them usually are a bit too expensive but I peeked at the price on these (there were two of these bird feeders) and it only said $4. That was when I looked up and saw the old man. Just your normal every day old man in jeans and a button up shirt. I'm sure he was just trying to make a little extra money and I said, "What a great price for such a big bird feeder, I'll get this one."  And he smiled and looked proud of himself and came  the table to get my money.
I love the thing! Have no idea where I am going to hang it. It is going to need a sturdy hanger because it is quite heavy. I'd like to put it in the front yard but since I can't seem to get out there to fill the one feeder I already have in the front yard, I might just find a place for it among the many feeders in the back yard.

This wasn't the only deal at the flea market. I got another sheet set for the bed for $7. I got several kids videos for my grandson. I hope he still likes  "Bob the Builder" as they were only 50 cents. And I got this rug:
It was only $4 too and I love it. Have it in the kitchen. The dogs are pretty fond of it too-not sure that is a good thing.

It finally rained yesterday. We had really  been needing a good rain and we got one. It poured. No severe weather  though. It did, however, wash a lot of red clay into the pond. When I went out this morning I couldn't even see the fish. I did see that a turtle had found the pond though and I removed him and later found him back in it so had to put him outside the fence as I was afraid he would eat the fish. So I have had to work out a filter for the pond but I will save that for another post (if it works). I did, however, take a couple of other pictures while out there:

This one is a picture of a bud on my miniature orange rose bush. The ducks had eaten all the leaves off it at one time and it has really struggled to survive. I have it in the back yard and it may be too shaded back there as it is has grow tall spikes instead of bushing out but on three of those spikes are the nicest blooms:

I also took a picture of the lemons this year. Unfortunately there are only 3 this year. I did not prune it last year since it had so few leaves but I guess I should have. We did get a frost the other day but it didn't quite get to us down here by the lake so it didn't get to the lemon tree so the lemons are actually getting ripe while the tree is still outside which didn't happen last year. Last year I had to put it in the greenhouse long before now.

They are larger lemons than I got last year too.

So I'll be posting again if my pond filter actually works and I can get a picture of a clear pond.