Saturday, May 31, 2014

Still Growing!

Hi everyone, I'm still here. I have been planting a lot more flowers and a few more vegetables and we are having pop-up thunderstorms every evening which has been great...because I haven't had to water anything for several days.
Here is our first almost ripe tomato. It is on the cherry tomato bush that was in the last few posts.

Not much of a meal yet...but maybe combined with some peppers.

Ok, these have a little more growing to do. These are the ones in pots up by the greenhouse--I moved them out of the greenhouse recently so that they could get some of this wonderful rain.

I ventured down to the actual garden to get this picture. It is completely overgrown but these hot banana peppers are still trying to produce. I have no idea what I will use them for. Maybe I will make some more hot pepper relish. We actually used up all the hot pepper relish....well, I used it up. I don't believe Phil and Michelle ate any of it.

While I was out there wandering and taking pictures I got some more of the peaches. The peach tree has grown in so thick this year that I had to hold back the foliage to find the peaches. There aren't very many of them but they sure are pretty.

And the last actual edible---not that we ever use it-- is the lemon balm. I pulled out some on one end of this bed but the other end is just huge already.

Now for the flowers. Most of them are doing really well so far. I have had several nice new additions too.

I haven't really done anything else lately except play violin. I have been working hard at it and definitely getting better.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

What's Growing

Took just a few pictures today of what is growing here at the house. It isn't a whole lot. Since my garden is just totally over grown with vines this year, I have only planted a few things down there. Everything else will be in pots this year. The stuff in pots is growing way better than the stuff in the garden.
There is, however, one thing growing good in the garden and that is the blueberries that I got from the flea market. The pink lemonade ones I planted a few years ago didn't even bloom but the ones from the flea market have berries.

Here are some flowers and in the middle is some chocolate mint. I love the smell of chocolate mint!

Here is the peppermint. I like to keep peppermint around because peppermint tea is so good for coughs but mine had died and I hadn't been able to get more for a couple years now. I could get spearmint but no one had any peppermint This year they finally had it again. Normally I plant it outside but this year I have put it in one of these containers to give it some room to grow and spread but not get out of hand.

Here is one of the monster potato plants. They have grown huge and bloomed. I hope that means they are making nice potatoes for me.

Here is that first cherry tomato plant that I put in the greenhouse. As you can see it has it's first tomato already.  It is only a bit shady in the mornings. Later in the day the greenhouse gets full sun.

Here are the other tomatoes and peppers in the greenhouse.

I also planted some Tumbling Tom tomatoes in my hanging baskets on the porch again this year. I just put the seeds right in the hanging baskets so I hope they get going and grow.

This last picture is of the few peaches that are growing on the peach tree this year. I got the tree trimmed late this year so it only produced a few blooms but there are 4 or 5 peaches on it.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cinnamon Raisin Bread

Phil mentioned in the grocery store that he wanted cinnamon raisin bread and was looking at what they had on the shelf but I told him I could make this weekend I had to make some. Went and googled to find the recipe. I am sure I have several cookbooks that have the recipe but the computer is always faster. Here is the link to the recipe that I used. Mine did not rise real well. Maybe I didn't have the water temperature right or those packets of yeast had sat to long, either way...I have no fear that my bread will get eaten. It is darn good even a little flat.

This recipe makes three loaves. 

Absolutely wonderful!

As for my doctors visit. Blood pressure was up, pulse was in the 120's. Had to do an EKG which came back normal. Had to wear a 24 hour heart monitor which I don't have the results from yet (I missed the call Friday). Had to have a tetnus shot (just because I haven't had one for 10 years-swelled quite badly). Have pain pills (which don't help) and exercises for my foot (which help the arch of my foot but make my heel hurt more) and blood pressure medicine which keeps my blood pressure down during the day (and my pulse) but it is back up the next morning. Have to go back next week on the 13th and 14th to have other, long overdue stuff done.