Saturday, December 11, 2010

Pig's Ears

When we first got our little dog Roamy, we were rather fascinated to have a little dog who liked treats and toys. We bought him all sorts of things but found that one of the things he liked best were pig's ears. We bought them singly wrapped in at our local Tractor Supply for $1 each. They are dry and hard and he enjoyed chewing them up.
I then saw fresh pig's ears in one of our local grocery store's meat section and, of course, me being me, thought "I could probably make my own."
It is now a weekly buy these things that I would have never thought to buy before. I put the pig's ears on a pan, brush them with Liquid Smoke and bake them in my little convection oven until they are hard. I then store them in my regular oven which is a gas stove with a pilot, which keeps them dry.
These still have a little more cooking to do but they are almost there. Roamy is waiting.


  1. I have actually eaten pig's ears whilst on holiday in Lithuania, where they are very common and considered a great delicacy. They are normally eaten as a snack, with a glass of beer. I found them deeply unpleasant!

  2. These smell wonderful when they are cooking but it hasn't tempted me enough to try them, lol.

  3. The first time I saw pigs ears for human consumption is when I was on a 311 foot long Coast Gurad ship in the middle of the Atlantic ocean in heavy seas. It was "soul food" night, and they had various traditional foods for our dining pleasure. Let me tell you, there is nothing as gross as going down the chow line in the galley and seeing big trays of boiled pigs ears steaming hot and jiggling all over with every wave we ran into! I didn't taste one then, and I never will! Roamy can have my share!

  4. LOL, he is quite viscious when it comes to his ears, no one is going to take one from him that's for sure.