Monday, February 22, 2016

Hello All

We're still here though we aren't doing a whole lot of self sufficient stuff that isn't on the blog already. This picture is of Michelle standing by our little section of the lake. We walked down there the other day and found that others have made a new path down to the lake so now I am trying to get walking down there ever day that I am not working. I didn't think we were going to get to today because it is overcast and thundering now and then but it has only sprinkled so we chanced it and got our walk in. I need all the exercise I can get as my job at the state park here requires me to do very little exercise.
Not much has changed here. We put in a new hot water heater over the weekend when the other one started leaking out the top. I hate it for my friend Diane who owns the house as we paid for the hot water heater so she will have to take it off the rent and she has a new car to pay for but that isn't my problem. We shouldn't have to pay rent and do without hot water too.
Phil and I have some money saved and are looking at properties but just have not found anything that fits our needs and price range yet so we will be working on getting his credit score up in the meantime.
I still have my chickens out there. I have a couple hens sitting on big nests of eggs. I didn't keep track of how long it had been but seems like one nest should have chicks soon if they are going to hatch at all. If they do I will probably have to take them and brood them inside as the cats get my chicks if I don't.
Phil has a new (used) truck. The transmission went in the old one. He actually traded future tile work for the truck so it didn't actually cost us any money but will mean some weekend work in the future.

Michelle also got her first car. It also is used but is running great and she takes it back and forth to  her work. She saved up for the $3000.00 car herself.

Still playing my violin without a teacher but I did buy a subscription to a site called Violin Lab. They have over 550 videos on violin playing and it definitely has been a help to me.

I am still crocheting and knitting as well. Sales have really slowed down since Christmas is over though so I am not crocheting and knitting quite as much. I try to make and sell my own designs as well but it is slow going.

I really haven't forgotten about this blog just nothing really worthy of writing about. I am thinking about gardening a little this year but only if I am able to get the garden in better shape. Will let you know if I ever do..