Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer is Here!

Normally it doesn't take us very long in Georgia to get to summer but this year we actually have had a nice long spring. Even now temperatures are still in the 80's which has been really nice. I took a bunch of pictures to share with you today. Some of them you can compare with the last posts pictures and see how fast everything has grown.
Here is the extent of my gardening this year. My one lonely tomato plant and some herbs. It has grown really quickly but only has one tomato on it. Yesterday we moved it onto the porch to what we hope will be a sunnier location. In with it I have some basil, thyme and rosemary.

 The peaches are doing great! We did have one storm where a bunch of them fell off but there are still plenty left. I really am very impressed with how well they are doing and the bugs don't seem to like them either. I'm thinking a few more weeks and we'll be picking them.

Phil has been busy building us a new front porch. The old one was slowly rotting away. This one isn't finished yet. We still need to add the railings but it is much nicer to step on a porch that isn't in danger of falling through.

Out in the back shed the chickens have done really well this year. Unfortunately, a lot of the chicks I got last year turned out to be roosters. I put an add on our local facebook board and gave away most of the roosters the other day. But one of the little bantam hens decided to claim a nest for herself and I let her and two days ago she hatched this little one. She still has a lot of eggs left and I hope she ends up with a few more chicks. So far I haven't had to remove him from the pen but we'll see how it goes.

Here is a picture of one of the pots of coleus, doing what coleus do. I think they are lovely and am glad I planted these. When I was a kid in NH, coleus were a houseplant. 

Out back again you can see that our wonderful tree is still looming over the back yard. For those who aren't on my facebook, this hardwood tree just leaned over one day while we were having a little rain shower. I don't know what is wrong with it. Phil got up on the shed roof and cut off as much of the top as he could reach with the chain saw but it just didn't help any and now the tree refuses to break so we are stuck with it leaning over the back yard and old greenhouse until it does.

Also in the back yard I have two bushes blooming. I bought them years ago at the flea market and they have never bloomed before this year. When I bought them I was told they were an old time hydrangea. I think they are lovely and hope the tree doesn't fall on them now that they have finally bloomed. 

This last picture is just a few pots of petunias (there are pots of mint somewhere behind them on the table). These pots were on a hanging post in the back yard that got hit by the tree branches and fell over but Phil went and rescued them for me and they now have recovered and sit on the table in the back yard until their post can be put back up..safely.

Other than that, there is, of course, knitting and crocheting.

I have about 70 items in my Etsy shop now but nothing is really selling. I just keep adding to it and hope I have plenty for Christmas. You can find me on Facebook here;Becky's Crochet and Craft Shop

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Spring is Here!!

We barely had a winter at all this year. It did spit snow on us twice but most of the days were quite warm. I have begonias in a pot on the porch that are growing again where usually they would have died off during the winter.
I got out for a few minutes today and planted some things in pots. The pollen is really bothering me this year. I never had these allergies until I got older. I am coughing and sneezing all the time and really the allergy medicine only helps for a few hours. And then there is the small issue of me breaking my big toe last week....these are my excuses for not getting more than this little bit of gardening done today..Anyway, I did get some things potted up.
On either side of the porch I have big pots that used to have chrysanthemums in them but they have died off and this year I am replacing them with an old favorite of mine coleus. I just love all the colors they come in and they do pretty well here in pots, though I will have to keep them well watered when the heat gets here.

 I was not fast enough to plant potatoes in the big pot that I planted them in last year but yesterday I couldn't resist picking up a cherry tomato plant and some basil (pesto!) while I was at the feed store. These went into that large pot. The bricks are only their temporarily. After I planted them I remembered the few chickens that are loose have started coming into the front yard and I don't want them or the cats digging in the pot so I just set the bricks in there for now; I'll find something better to protect it later.

 I'll have to pick up more tomato plants for other pots later as I will never be able to limit myself to just one.

Here is a (blurry) pictures of some of the little babies on the peach tree. It has a lot of them coming but you never know how many the tree will drop so we will just have to wait and see.

I wanted to show you this next picture since our mulberry tree has branches hanging down low enough for me to get a picture this year. These are what will produce the berries on our mulberry tree. Mulberries grow wild here and the male trees produce a LOT of pollen but this is, of course, a female tree which actually help reduce pollen in the air because the flowers draw the pollen in (it doesn't seem to be helping me much). Although I suppose there must be some male trees in these woods here somewhere. I am not really that good at identifying tree so I don't know which ones they are. These trees grow wild here. They grow incredibly fast when young. This tree wasn't even here when we moved here and is now huge. 

This next picture is the fig tree that we had to cut down when the tree fell on the house. I knew it would grow back and as you can see it is definitely making a come back. A year or two and it will be as big as it was before.

 I have saved the flowers for last. There isn't a whole lot of flowers yet but it won't be long.

This first one is a bloom from a little miniature rose bush that Phil bought me for Valentine's day. I nearly killed it by setting it outside. I didn't realize the pot was in a metal pail that had no drainage. Luckily I noticed that one side had some branches that had died off and went to investigate and found the drainage problem. It was full of buds when he gave it to me, but the change from the nursery to my house was a bit much for it, and then I couldn't get it outside because we had a cold snap (a couple of days) and most of the buds died off but a few have remained to flower. I believe I will try to find a spot in the ground to plant it later as they seem to do so much better when I plant them out (I have a tendency to not be able to keep up with watering them if I leave them in pots).

This next picture is one of the first roses on the huge rose bush by the mailbox. It is going to be covered in roses again this year but right now there are only about 5 roses on it. 

And for my last flower I found one of the few violets still in the yard. When we moved here there were so many violets that I made violet jelly every year but somehow our poor grass cutting habits have allowed other....umm....weeds.. to come in and take over and there are still a lot of violets but not really enough for jelly.

I don't mind enjoying them just like this. What is that plant over it? Yes, the lemon balm has invaded the front flower bed finally...oh well...

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Stocking Up!

But maybe not in the way you would think of me stocking up... I'm stocking up on my knitted and crocheted good to sell because even though nothing is selling now, they seem to sell real good at Christmas....and yes, Christmas is a long time away but these things take time to make. Last year I sold 15 of one particular hat! I'd like to be really stocked up on that hat this year and in several sizes. So now while it is slow, I am going to take the time to make these extras.
 It's boring. Making the same hat, over and over again in different sizes and colors but I think I will feel much better when it is done. I won't do them all at once. I'll do four or five and then make something new or work on another item that sells good (or I hope will sell good).

No more dragons for my grandson...

Or bibs for the new baby coming in Sept...

Or flowers for a very sick friend....

I must focus on...hats....