Monday, February 16, 2015

The First Buckeye Egg

If you have been following along you know I got some Buckeye chickens for myself and my brother right before Christmas. One ended up dying on him but the other two have been laying eggs for a month or so but mine hadn't laid until today. Mine turned out to be two roosters and two hens. Today I got my first egg from them and I am so excited. It wasn't a normal pullet egg either which usually is a small egg. This one as you tell from the pictures (the Buckeye egg is the one on the left of the picture) was as large as my other chickens lay. Not that it matters really, as an egg tastes like an egg no matter what size.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Another Cake

This cake was for my daughter Michelle's friend, Nikki. I really just wanted to practice making some flowers. It isn't the greatest cake but I have a person who does cakes on my facebook and she told me how to smooth out my buttercream frosting last night so the next one I make should be a lot smoother. I need a lot of practice using the icing tips too and making colors (her name was supposed to be purple but it just wouldn't turn out right which is funny because I don't remember having that problem years ago when the food coloring was liquid and not gel.). I got to use my flower plungers, leaf plunger and the strip around the bottom is from a mold (which was easier than I thought).
Anyway, practice can only make me better so I'll keep practicing and see how it goes.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

New Brooder

I love my new chicks but my old brooder just wasn't big enough. I can't feel good about my chicks if I know they are in too small a place, and their droppings cover the floor too fast, and I know they aren't  clean enough, plus the old brooder just couldn't seem to stay hot enough. The temperature kept dipping down in the 80's. That isn't hot enough for new chicks that should be started off at 100 degrees for the first week (at least 95 degrees!). So yesterday I stopped and got one of the biggest totes I could find. It was $10.57. I got some pine shavings and a real red brooder bulb for the chicks (red bulbs keep them from pecking each other). I got the bulb at Tractor Supply and noticed they had a new bin of chicks. These chicks were black and just labeled pullets (all females). They are probably Barred Rocks. I always loved the Barred Rocks I used to have. Yeah, I just had to get some. So now there are six of those. I went home, got the new brooder all set up and the chicks put in it. It is a relief to know they have plenty of room now and that the brooder isn't too cold. The red light doesn't make for very nice pictures but they'll have to do.