Monday, August 2, 2021

Raised Beds

 Well, all did go well and we are finally home owners! It isn't exactly my dream home of 5 acres in the country though. We are in town...a small town but still in town. We do have a nice little flat yard and a decent sized back yard so we'll just make the most of what we have.

There have been a few projects already. The little "garage" beside the house turned into a workshop for Phil. We bought some wood and he built some doors for it. We plan to paint them the same color as the roof eventually. 

I, of course, had to have flowers so I planted daylilies all down one side of the house and made a flower garden on one side of Phil's workshop. 


And yesterday we got a start on my favorite project so far. From the start, I never liked those beams at the front of the house. They were in a square around the very front of the house and just made no sense, made the yard look smaller and made mowing difficult. But there were eight of them. Just enough for two nice raised beds. Phil worked on pulling them all to the back yard easy task as they are incredibly heavy but he got them there! And now I have these wonderful big raised beds!

I am just so excited! Unlike our other house that was surrounded by trees, these beds will sit in the sun most of the day. Also the ground here is a more sandy consistency instead of that hard red clay so I am sure things will grow much better. It's really too late in the season to have a garden this year but maybe I'll have some fall greens or something if I can get soil for them this year. 

I'll leave you now with a few pictures of other things. 

Painted bunting

female summer tanager

Recent painting

Curtains I sewed for my craft room

A few pictures from inside the new house. 

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

The New House

So if all goes well Phil and I will become home owners for the first time May 31st. It has been a very long hard road to get here. I still hope to do some gardening in the backyard and maybe have a greenhouse...who knows what new project I will get into!

Monday, June 1, 2020

Sad Little Tomatoes

So I am not doing any real gardening these days. The trees have just grow in so much that there isn't enough sunlight in our yard but I still have pots of things. A few pepper plants, a few squash plants, potatoes in a pot and yesterday I picked up some of the saddest looking tomato plants. They were in little 4 inch peat pots and apparently hadn't gotten much watering even though it has rained a lot here lately. They were marked down to $ .74 and I really think they are only worth about $ .10 but I was inspired by looking at my daughter and her fiancĂ©'s tomato plants. They have some wonderfully big plants that they just grew from seeds from a tomato from the store and they have quite a few tomatoes on just 3 plants! Anyway, I thought I would try to save these three. I brought them home last night and watered them real good overnight. This morning I found these gallon pots and with some Miracle Grow Potting Soil (the only kind we seem to have this year), they were re-potted. 

Then I decided to make more room in the house under the grow lights by putting the three basil plants I had in with them.

And now it is just a "wait and see" game. Not really anything major but I wanted us to have some before pictures.