Sunday, October 19, 2014

How to Shop

I had a friend who once told me that she never learned how to shop. What she meant was she didn't know how to "bargain shop". She said she went to one grocery store and just bought what they had. This was kind of amazing to me. It never occurred to me that people didn't watch the sales and shop accordingly.
I was quite pleased when I moved here to find that there were 4 large grocery stores in town to choose from (we only have 3 now) and they are all no more than a mile from each other. It didn't take long to establish  'what to buy where'. This has changed some over the years but I still know what is mostly on sale now at each of the stores.
One of the stores is my favorite for meat. It always has a good selection and if you get there early enough...but not too early, you can go through the marked down meat and get some good deals. The other store has all the buy 1 get 1 free sales and it also has the fuel perks. The last store is Wal-mart, it is where I get most of my boxed and canned stuff because it is always cheaper there.
What also amazed me about my friend was that she didn't buy the marked down stuff saying she didn't know what was still "good".  You have eaten food all your life and you don't know what is good? Smell it! Touch it! Look it over good! If it looks good and smells good it probably is good as far as meat and fresh vegetables go. If it is in a can, it is likely still good anyway.
Also think about what you can use it for. If it is a really good deal but you don't usually buy it, think of what you could use it for. For instance, this week one store had these small rolls of turkey marked down.

This part of a roll was only $2.11.  It was too good of a deal to pass up so I had to think of what to use it for. I felt I could slice it and use it for sandwich meat or I could dice it in cubes and put it in a casserole or quiche. I bought 4 of them. I sliced one today.

Sorry about the phone picture but this package is only a third of what I sliced up. We will have plenty of sandwich meat for a while and meat for several dinner meals...and they were $2.11 each! (Yes, I will post when I make other meals from it).
I always buy extra of a good deal. Last year at Christmas the turkeys were so cheap that I couldn't resist and bought four of them. Two of them are still in the freezer and will be used this year at Christmas and Thanksgiving. It is one less thing during the holidays that I will have to worry about this year.
Also keep in mind that the larger grocery stores aren't the only place to shop. I go to the next town over every week for violin lessons and I often stop in their little Family Dollar Store because they have the treats my dogs like in there at a really good price and since the store is right there on my way it doesn't cost me any extra gas.

Of course, your garden is the best place to shop. These are probably the last of the peppers picked from my pots the other day.

I don't use hot peppers very much (unless I have a lot of them to make hot pepper relish with) but I will cut them up and freeze them so that I can use a little of them here or there.

Anyway, happy shopping and keep looking for those bargains!

Sunday, October 12, 2014


I swear it is not the same as it used to be. I used to make bread and it would rise up out of the pan and swell over it like bread is supposed to but it never does it now. I am trying to make bread today and used two "rapid rise yeast" and it is SO slow and will probably just barely get over the pan rim. Maybe I am more impatient than I used to be? I think that is unlikely. I know what you are all going to say that sourdough is better and I liked it when I had a sourdough but it never rose over the rim either and I did not use it enough to keep it going well. I am going to wait longer for it to rise although I wanted to have it with dinner. Maybe I can get it over the rim eventually.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Baked Ziti

Or in our case baked macaroni since I had no Ziti yesterday. I had gone to my brother's house on Tuesday to visit and my sister-in-law fed us this for lunch. It always seems funny to me that I probably have several cookbooks with Baked Ziti recipes in them but I almost never try anything new from a cookbook. For some reason I have to see the recipe in person which is what happened with this one. It was SO good! So she told me what she had put in it and I made it for us the next day...except I didn't have any ziti and substituted the macaroni for it. Pasta is pasta.
So anyway, wanted to write the recipe down so I would always have it.

Baked Ziti

1 box ziti or other pasta
Peppers- I have a bag in the freezer that has cut up peppers all different colors in it and I used a handful of these.
Onion- I used a half of a medium onion
1 can of spaghetti sauce
Parmesan cheese (the grated kind)
Mozzarela or other shredded cheese (8 oz bag)
Italian seasoning
1 1/2 lbs hamburger

Cook the pasta, Meanwhile cook the hamburger, onions and peppers in a frying pan. Sprinkle generously with Italian seasoning while cooking. Drain grease, add spaghetti sauce. Cook the sauce on low until pasta is done. Drain pasta. Mix the two together add about a cup of  grated parmesan cheese, add about half your shredded cheese. Put in a 9x13 in. pan. Sprinkle the top with more parmesan cheese and the rest of your shredded. Cook for about a half an hour in an oven on about 375 degrees.

I made this ahead of time and covered it and put it in the frig for Phil to cook when he got home. He had to cook it in the oven a bit longer because it was cold.

Sorry I did not think to take a picture. Everyone had second helpings of this, EVEN MICHELLE!
I know, amazing!

Monday, September 1, 2014

What's in the Bag?

I hesitated to write this one. If you "prep" too much people think you are strange. I can't explain to people that I am not really a "prepper" when I post things like this. I have a "bag" in my car and Phil has one in his truck. It is NOT because we think the world will eventually collapse and we think we might have to "bug out". We really don't believe that but we do have "emergency bags" in our vehicles. This is in case some natural disaster prevents us from getting home and we need to go on foot OR some disaster causes us to spend a couple of days somewhere other than home. Our emergency bags aren't complete however, they are just a work in progress.
My emergency bag is rather small but I have done it keeping in mind the amount that I think I can carry. Even then, it will still be heavy for me. Phil has a much larger bag because he can carry more. I tend to pack a few more medical supplies in mine because I work with over 100 children and I always have the fear that we will have a tornado or something while I am there and any medical supplies at that time may be helpful. I am missing some things and even today I added a few more things that Phil had in his bag that I didn't know about until we were taking these pictures and I wanted them in mine as well.
Here is the bag I keep in my car:

This is from one of the small pockets on the front: Binoculars, hand warmers, and sewing kits. 

Another small pocket on the front: muscle creme, Pepto Bismol, scissors, face masks, bacitracin an some antibiotic pills--amoxicillin, an ace bandage, some lip balm and a bottle of aspirin and the stuff in the zip lock bag which will be in the next picture.

This is just a couple of plastic ponchos, tooth paste, a firestarter and a salt and pepper container that I need to fill.

In the Ziploc bag I have eye drops, another ace bandage, thermometer, thermometer covers, bandages, cleansing pads.

The first large pocket contains: a flashlight, extra batteries for the flashlight, a multi-tool, a knife, matches in a bag, lighters in the bag, q-tips and different cotton balls and pads, extra water filters for the water bottle, glucosamine (because I need it), multi-vitamins, a little first aid kit, 550 cord, glove, an extra quart zip-lock bag and feminine pads.

The next large pocket contains the food, wipes, two sterno cans, a firestarter, duct tape, a head lamp and drink mix. There are two metal bottles of water that didn't make this picture for some reason.

This is the bottle I have strapped on the outside with the iodine pills and the other ones to make the water taste good again ( I really need a larger bag). I eventually would like to have a blanket and tarp strapped here.

This folding shovel and MRE stay in my trunk with the bag because they won't fit in it. 

This is what is strapped on the outside of the bag, an extra knife, some clips and extra rope. 

I did miss one whole pocket in the food section that had Slim Jims, more peanuts and a folding fork/spoon set.

I am now going to move on to Phil's bag but I don't know what everything is in his bag so you will have to figure it out from the pictures. As you can see Phil's bag is bigger than mine.

Just his first pocket has all sorts of stuff. I know there is a whistle, compass, glow stick (I have these in my bag too. I think I lost a picture somewhere...), a map of the area, a mirror, scissors, binoculars, and I don't know what he rest of the stuff is.

This is a survival  book, glasses, ponchos, not sure what else the other stuff is exactly.

Here is his gloves, hatchet, headphones, spoon and fork, a pot and folding stove for the Sterno (I bought that for him) and cord. Oh and I think that is a fishing kit. I want one of those in mine!

There is food from an MRE in this one, wipes, muscle rub, antibiotic ointment, Vaseline, towels (those are the round things), hand sanitizer, and I think that is it.


Here is some first aid stuff he has in there.

Then he has a pocket for flash lights, knives, knife sharpener, clips and 550 cord.

After looking through Phil's bad to do this post, I added some Moleskin (I had never heard of it) and a 5 in 1 tool I found at Wal-mart that has a waterproof container for matches, a compass, a mirror, whistle and fire starter.  I want to add a blanket and tarp still but other than that, this is probably what I will have in my emergency bag. I can't say that it hasn't come in handy. I have gotten things out of it several times at work. The duct tape has come in handy and so has the thermometer when I had a child who was sick at work and our thermometer's battery had died. I have a work bag too and tools in the car that come in handy all the time. Nothing like being prepared~

Monday, August 25, 2014

Sweet Cornmeal Mush- Crockpot Recipe

Have you ever just made a mistake and stumbled onto something really good? That is what happened here. But first the recipe:

2 quarts of milk
2/3 cups of sugar
1 cup of cornmeal

Cook in the crockpot a 2-3 hours until the cornmeal thickens. Cool and eat! It is so good! And I never would have know if I didn't have my dry milk in the same plastic containers as my cornmeal....because this is the same recipe I used to make yogurt only there is no cornmeal, it needs dry you see my mistake. I put it all in the frig and I am eating it for breakfasts.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Poor Man's Meal

The idea for this meal came from Clara. If you have never seen Clara and her Meals from the Depression on Youtube you really must go see them. Here is a link to the one I got this recipe from:
She is a wonderful lady in her 90's with, as you can imagine, lots of cooking experience. The Poor Man's Meal really intrigued me. My version is slightly different because I don't have Clara's sauce to add to it but it was still pretty good (there is a video for Clara's sauce too, I just haven't gotten to it yet).
It is a very basic meal:  potatoes, onions and smoked sausage (Clara used hotdogs). You cut up the potatoes in small chunks, then the sausage into small slices and add a cut up onion. I used a Vidalia onion because I happened to have some Vidalias which are nice and sweet (not all Vidalia onions are, even though they are all supposed to be sweet). You add oil, salt and pepper and fry all of it until the potatoes are done. When I tried it I felt it was a little bland (missing Clara's sauce perhaps) so I added a few sprinklings of hot sauce and thought it was much better. I think next time maybe a chili pepper or some hot pepper flakes? But you could add any spice or herb you want.
Anyway it is a ridiculously cheap meal especially if you have your own potatoes or get some on sale.