Saturday, September 29, 2012

PVC Knife Sheath Part 1

This was a project of Phil's today. He has been researching it for a couple of days and attempted it today. I feel it turned out really good. You start with a piece of PVC pipe. His was a 1 3/4 inch piece by approximately 15 inches. He was making a sheath for a knife that was 10 inches long in all.
You start by making your lines. You want to cut off half of the top part. The bottom will be your sheath so you  measure it with your knife to see how much room you will need. You then drill holes in the corners and use the cutting blade on any dremel type rotary tool to cut it out.

It then should look like this (I hope the pictures are better than my explanation).
He then took his heat gun and heated up the round end. It must be heated all the way around.
So that you can flatten it with a board. Use those gloves, it is hot!
You must hold it until it cools (a few minutes) otherwise it will spring back into its round shape.
You then need to heat up the other side so that you can flatten it.

Flatten that side as well. 

It should look like this.
Doesn't look like much yet but stop by tomorrow for part 2 (too many pictures to put it all in one post)! 


  1. Do you know Becky you and Phil could make a fantastic TV series over here with all that you do you would never need to work again, (well not for a while anyway)

    1. But who would take care of the chickens and pigs while we were gone, lol?

  2. Interesting... Heading over to part 2!