Sunday, April 3, 2011

We Have a Stalker!

All my other roosters perch way, way up high in the trees in the back yard but not this one. He had taken to perching on the front porch railing but the huge piles of poo he was leaving behind had us shooing him off. Last night he found himself a new perch on the air conditioner where he sits and watches us. He used to run away when we came near but somehow he knows we can't get through that window as we can come right up on the window and he just sits there.
In other new, I got the lower garden weeded today. The chickweed is a menace here.
The peppers and marigolds got planted and the last two quail went outsie with the rest. The one white quail immediately "crowed" so I know it is a male. Out of the 7 quail that I have now three are male and 4 female. Will be hatching more as soon as they lay and since they are mature at about 8 weeks and laying usaully by 10 weeks, I won't have long to wait for that.
Phil is at work on the van with my brother trying to put an oil pan gasket on it when the oil pan just won't come out no matter how much that engine is jacked up. Not fun. I will stay away from that project.
Got a ham to cook for supper. We'll do a boiled ham dinner. That always seems to surprise people when I say that but we are from New England and we love boiled ham dinners.


  1. What a look on that roosters face. If you weren't expecting to see that, it could scare you to death.

  2. He is a Splash Polish chicken.

  3. Love those curtains/drapes - look like a U.K. Sanderson pattern to me?
    I AGREE the rooster's face is a little intense.

  4. I made those curtains from some fabric I had given to me. I actually have made all the curtains in the house. Curtains are expensive and I refuse to buy them.

  5. That is one intense looking chicken. Curtains are expensive and I'm not sure why. I buy everything I can at thrift stores, Value Village being No.1

  6. I go to the thrift store almost every week. Never know when they might have a good deal.