Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Cicadas Are Driving Me Crazy but the Honeysuckle is so Nice!

It is obviously our 17th year. Cicadas hatch every 17 (or 13 depending on the type of cicadas but I believe we have the ones that hatch every 17 years since I have never know a year like this) years. The larvae live underground and eat roots until they hatch. This year there is a huge amount of cicadas hatching and they make this really loud whirring noise. It sounds like your neighbor is using power tools NON-STOP! My daughter says she likes it because when she walks to the lake it sounds like she is in a jungle. I just really can't stand it. It has been going now for about a week. I tried to get pictures of the adults with wings, I have been seeing them all week, but, of course, when I went to take pictures today there weren't any anywhere.
When the cicada larvae emerge from the ground
they shed and turn into cicadas with wings.

Here is what they leave all over our trees, houses, fences, even Phil's van tires have cicada shells stuck to it. Some of the trees are just loaded with them!

But really, I can deal with the dead bug skins everywhere, it is the sound the live ones are making that is driving me crazy.
What isn't making me crazy is the honeysuckle. I have to drive Phil to my brother's house every morning so they can ride in together to work and then I pick him up after I finish work at 7:00 p.m. The honeysuckle is in bloom now and every evening the whole drive that is ALL we can smell. It is growing on every fence and woods from here to there, I swear. It is incredibly invasive down here as is wisteria but has such a lovely smell! This picture is from some that is growing on my garden fence.

When I moved in here (I really don't know how long it has been--something like 8 or 9 years ago) there wasn't any honeysuckle in that part of the yard but where there is something to grow on (like a stupid fence to keep cats from using the garden as a  litter box) there will be honeysuckle here. We are just lucky to have it although when I am weeding its vines out of the garden, I am not quite as appreciative of it as I am right now when it is in bloom.


  1. Ah, that lovely buzz buzz noise. I used to put the sheds in my sister's hair when we were little. :-)

  2. OK, so you Win Some; Lose Some... With the cicadas I suppose you have to look on the bright side: it will be at least another 13 years before you have to endure this again!

    like I said, its like power tools or machinery is run outside all day long. I have never heard them like this before.
    That's true Mark, it will be at least another 13 years on the cicadas but the honeysuckle will be here every year so I guess we win more than we lose normally :)

  4. I remember a huge brood hatch when I was a child, it was extraordinary! Free feed for the feathered friends!

  5. I love the smell of honeysuckles... we have them growin all over our patch of woods.

  6. Hello,
    I’m writing a story about the reemergence of the Great Southern Brood of cicadas this spring and saw your web site. Might you possibly be available for a brief phone interview about it? Would love to hear what it’s like,

    Elizabeth Weise
    Science Reporter
    USA Today
    San Francisco
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