Thursday, April 21, 2011

Just another day

Duck eggs on top, pheasant eggs in the middle and quail eggs on the bottom. There were more duck eggs today but they are making a nest and I wanted to leave them and see if any of the ducks would set them. How the pheasant laid two eggs today, I really don't know. I cleaned out her cage yesterday morning so I know I didn't miss an egg but there were two this morning. Usually her eggs are kind of greenish but today they look more brown.
Eleven quail eggs and 6 bantam eggs I had been saving went in the incubator this morning. We will have a staggered hatch like always.
Garden looks good this morning. Definitely going to be picking more spinach soon and since the turnips aren't bulbing at the bottom I may as well pick the turnip greens as well. Phil always says he doesn't like turnip greens but then he eats them. (He actually loved the arugula that I grew one year but I was not real fond of it. )
Thinking about cream of spinach soup lately. I have posted a recipe on the forum that I might try.
Chance for rain today and I am hoping we get some for the gardens sake. Otherwise I'll have to turn on the spicot on the rain barrel (I just love how easy that is!).
Got to find those sunflower seeds. I want to put some in the front flower bed....they're here somewhere... 


  1. Sounds like your havin a great day :) What kind of ducks do you have? Hope one decides to set for ya

  2. We have a real mixed flock of ducks. Several of them are Pekin, some are Rouen, one little runner, a cayuga and one very pretty chocolate brown duck,one Blue Swedish. I really didn't have any criteria when getting the ducks except I wanted a lot of them to be crested, which they are.

  3. Your eggs brings back memories of a long time ago when living in a village, we use to go out and collect gull eggs. They were pretty good.

  4. I am sure gull eggs would be fine too. I know people here who won't even eat duck, quail or pheasant eggs. I have tried to tell them it all tastes the same but they just don't believe me.

  5. That's when you just cook them, serve them, then tell them,LOL