Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Walk Through the Yard with Camera in Hand

I think I could walk through the yard every day and show you all something new. Here are the blueberries starting to form.

Here are some of the ferns the asparagus turn into.
This is where the compost pile used to be. Those are all potato and squash plants and I believe I saw a lettuce or mustard in there too.
This is the top of the fig tree that should have been cut back last year but never was. We won't be picking figs off this monster this year unless there's some on the lower branches.
These next two pictures are the grapes that I planted in pots this year. The second one took a long time to sprout its leaves and I thought it might be dead but it finally did and looks fine now.
Here is one of our hazelnut "bushes". I can't believe how big they have grown this year! Check out our lawnmower beside it.
Another picture of the plums.

This is a picture of the pomegranate trees leaves. I just think they are pretty.

Here is a picture of the raised bed now. There are tomato plants and peppers mixed in with it now.
This is a picture of one of the two strawberry hanging baskets that I bought.

Here is a picture of a tomato hanging basket that I bought. The tomatoes are called pear drops. I just loved it and think if it does well, I will try to save seeds and do several of these baskets next year. I have done tomato baskets before with the Tiny Tim and Tumbler varieties and they did fairly well.
These last two pictures are flowers on the heirloom tomatoes in the bigger garden.

This completes our tour of the yard for today :)


  1. Great! You are so far ahead weather wise. It is snowing this morning outside Chicago - yuck! I envy all your fruit and nut trees.

  2. I have 3 fig trees, 2 apple trees (although one is not looking so good this year), a new peach tree,the pomegranate,a quince, hazelnuts, pecans, sour cherry bushes and I am sure there are more. Some are old enough to produce and some aren't.

  3. ooh, how exciting...hope they all bear fruit for years to come!!

  4. That's a great collection of plants. You need to "tame" the asparagus again, I think... :)

  5. I haven't tamed it at all Mark, just left it to grow.

  6. I really give you a lot of credit having all that energy to plant all those good things. It has to cut down on your food bill.

  7. Well, trees take a long time to produce but I am hoping this year and next year will be some of our best. We have been here several years now so it is about time I got it right, lol.

  8. would you like to trade some fig tree branch cuttings? if so please email me at I have several varieties and would be happy to trade a few 6-8 inch cuttings with you