Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another Update

Here are the onions that I pulled the other day. These are the Sweet Palmetto onions that I bought marked down at the store.

Here is the spinach and kale before I harvested it last week and the next picture is the Parris Cos Lettuce.

Here is the second harvest of spinach and kale from the raised bed and a few duck eggs there beside it .
Here is the first and second batch of meat birds in the pen together. Just a few more weeks.
One of my pyncheon bantam chickens hatched out three chicks yesterday but one died.She is still sitting on the rest of her eggs. I will try to get a picture but not sure if I can get one where her nest is.


  1. Oh boy I would love to have some fresh onions. I have been out for a month and I refuse to buy store bought. I guess I will be onion free for a few more months.

  2. Everything looks lovely!! I'm jealous! Your onions turned out fabulous!

  3. Veggies look so good. I need to get some meat birds one of these days! Love baby chickies, Congratulations :)

  4. Those onions look pretty good, considering you got them at a knock-down price. i don't think I have ever eaten a duck egg. Do they taste any different to hen's eggs?

  5. Duck eggs are firmer than chicken eggs but to me tastes all the same. Actually I think, all the eggs I have ever eaten, chicken, duck, quail, pheasant-all taste like egg.