Sunday, April 17, 2011


Several days ago Michelle told me she had seen a fox and she was all fascinated but I thought she must have seen something else because she said it was as big as Dukey and I have never seen any fox here that wasn't small like a small dog. Well, she's right. The damn thing is as big as Dukey! I know because it was after the chickens this morning and it stood right in the yard looking at the house until I ran out the back door and scared it off. I cannot believe the size of it! That is definitely not encouraging!
Sorry no picture, it didn't even occur to me to do anything except scare the thing good. I am hopeful that my pens are secure enough for a fox (they never were for that raccoon but then a fox can't get in place that a raccoon can especially not a fox this big!) since this one has been hanging around several days and I haven't  lost a chicken yet.  


  1. Your sure it is not a coyote? I thought I was seeing a red fox in the field a while back, until one day I saw him closer and he was a red coated coyote with his winter fur still intact. I didn't think they came in that color.

  2. Well, I did wonder if it might be a coyote but it just looked so much like a fox, red coat, white tail, very pointy nose. Still it could have been, I have never seen a coyote here up close. I didn't know coyotes came in red either.
    Dukey is a shepherd mix(possibly mixed with chow). There is a picture of him on this post.

  3. Aha! So it's not just me that has trouble with foxes then! I see them quite often in my garden, in broad daylight. They seem to have lost all fear of Man since we passed laws to stop hunting them.

  4. I looked up coyotes, it said they had the black streak down the spine and a black tipped tail. This definitely had a white tail just like a fox. I'm still amazed (and a lot more careful when I go out or let the dog out).