Saturday, April 23, 2011

Today is a Lounging Day?

Well sort of...I am lounging right now anyway :)  But this morning there were things to do. We had to go shopping but it wasn't a lot since we didn't have very much money this week.  Then when I got home I knew I had to take care of the animals and then came in and saw the sauerkraut sitting on the table and it has been there at least 6 weeks if not 8 so it was time to can it.
All I needed to do was take the tops off, clean the rims again and then boiling water bath for a half an hour.
Now if I could just find room for all this in one of the cupboards.
After I got that done Phil came in talking about how he was going to cut the grass but wanted to get his hair cut first so he wouldn't be so hot. I know a bribe when I see one! But I did really want to get the lawn cut so I got out the hair cutting stuff and got that done for him. He IS actually cutting the grass now.
I do plan to work on my basket some and get some more pictures on here as well today.
Tomorrow will not be a lounging day. It, of course, will be a cooking day but we'll keep it simple with just the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, homemade cranberry sauce and probably a strawberry-blueberry pie--maybe some deviled eggs.
Oh, I forgot to mention. My younger son gets to come home from Ft. Gordon for the day :)


  1. Hope the grass is looking neat now (along with hubby's hair)...

    I've got a small family gathering tomorrow too - my older daughter Emma, her husband, their daughter Lara, and my my brother, plus me and Jane. We will be eating the traditional Easter roast lamb with mint sauce, new potatoes, carrots, peas, and broccoli, followed by a "New York" style cheesecake.
    I can only claim credit for growing the mint and the broccoli.

  2. That looks good. I enjoy sauerkraut, especially on hot dogs.

  3. Easter roast lamb, now that sounds good. Here we usually have an Easter ham but I have had that turkey taking up room in my freezer for far too long and soon the meat birds will need that room.
    John the recipe for the sauerkraut is on the Preserving page I believe. It is easy as you make it right in the canning jars. I love mine on sausage dogs.

  4. Enjoy seeing your son for Easter. The sauerkraut looks good, I've never made my own.

  5. I had never even eaten any sauerkraut until about 5 years ago. I made my own the first time just because I had a lot of cabbage and was looking for something to do with it. I still wonder about all these things we buy because we don't know how to make them anymore and they are SO easy to make.

  6. Happy easter! Glad your son got to come in.

  7. wow, if that's keeping it simple...! well done, and after getting all that done, you could fully enjoy your visit with your son!

  8. Normally there would be a couple different kinds of pies and a couple different quick breads but as I said, I was trying not to make so much food this time that it would never get eaten. Right now, a couple days later, there is a few pieces of turkey left, a tiny bit of gravy and small bowl of mashed potatoes. I did well, lol.