Sunday, April 17, 2011

We Do Have Flowers

Most everything in the yard is edible and I suppose you could eat the roses but we just keep them around to look pretty.

When I bought this rose bush its label said it was the heirloom rose "The Fairy" which is a rambling bush that gets little pink flowers on it. This obviously isn't a little pink flower and by the way it grows I would say it is a climbing rose.
This is my little planter box out by the mailbox. Please excuse the weeds. Phil tried to get the lawnmower going last weekend but broke the pull rope.

Ok, so not exactly a "growing" flower. I made this the other day for a little birdbath. The top piece cost me $2 and the pot costs $1.50.  I think it's pretty.


  1. Becky, you know you can even eat Roses: candied Rose Petals are a delicacy (allegedly).

  2. Yup, but I can't bring myself to pick them. I can't even bring myself to pick them and bring them inside. I don't want them to die faster.