Sunday, September 30, 2012

PVC Knife Sheath Part 2

After the sheath was flattened he made the lines to cut the tip. These are cut off with the rotary cutter.
Then he heated the sheath again. He heated where the knife was going to go in. Then he slid the knife in the sheath and held it with the board so it would make a nice pocket for the knife.
He heated the very tip and curled it around a screwdriver to make upward curl he wanted. In the next step it is bent back so the curl is on the side towards the persons body.
Then the final heating and bending for the part that the belt will go into.
It was basically done then but it needed sanding,the points filed off and three rivets added to the bottom.
And here is the final product except he is going to paint it later.


  1. Is there no limit to the guy's ingenuity?? Come to think of it, I suppose that using leather for the sheath wouldn't have been enough of a challenge? :-)

  2. Looks like it would be real strong. how is he planning to paint it? Black? Camo?

    1. He painted it a green color. It will match his camo stuff.

  3. Wow!That reminds me of my hubbie.