Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday's Update

Phil and I were up early this morning and somewhere around 5:00 a.m. the power went out. Apparently someone had hit a pole which required the pole to be replaced but hadn't knocked off the power. The power company put up a new pole and we only lost power while they switched the lines to it. I hope the person who hit the pole wasn't hurt. It was so early that I have to wonder if they fell asleep at the wheel.
I was up anyway so started on the green beans that I got yesterday. I learned that two pounds of green beans is a whole lot of green beans.
I canned them in pint jars (20 minutes) and got 9 pints and then another quart bag full.
I also got a couple pounds of fresh raw peanuts yesterday. Two pounds is a whole lot of peanuts too.
As you can see these went in the crock pot to boil with a good bit of salt and a few dried hot peppers. They boiled all morning and they are done now and trust me they are good. I am munching on them right now.  Phil had to go help his boss out for a little bit and he should probably hurry home if he wants any.
I also got down to the garden today. I had picked up some plants since my starts really haven't done well. I cleaned out the rest of the raised beds except the herbs, the cucumber plant and the peppers (which I just couldn't bear to pull up yet), then dug some compost out of the bin to top off each bed with. I planted broccoli, cabbage, savoy cabbage and cauliflower. Not much to see here... yet.

I am going to go out in a little while and plant the last long bed with a row of red torpedo onions, red Russian kale and probably some garlic.
I also have a few other chores to do. Two gallon bags of meat are thawing to make sausage with and the rest of the bacon chunks are thawing as well and will have to be rubbed with the cure when they are thawed. I also still have those pears to do something with. I am thinking that pear sauce sounds nice....and easy.


  1. Becky; just a little (friendly) observation: you write a lot about preserving food, but less about cooking / eating it. Could you please tell us more about the dishes you make with all that lovely stuff you put up, can, smoke etc? I bet you have some nice recipes you could share...

    1. Well, a lot of it, I have either covered before or it is just eaten how it is, like the beans are just beans and these peanuts are just snacked on until they are gone. I haven't used any of the ham I canned yet though I did use a jar of the chicken the other day and made homemade chicken soup (jar of chicken, two jars of stock, one jar of carrots, some dried mushrooms, dried onion, salt, pepper, some sage I picked off the plant and pasta). With the fresh ham I made ham and potato soup and cheesy pasta with ham but neither of those is real hard (potatoes, milk, ham, dried onion, a little flour and water to thicken--the other is pasta, cheese, a little milk, a little butter and ham.). Most of the fruit I can is put with homemade yogurt and I take a jar of it to work to eat as a snack.
      Anyway, it is a good idea Mark. I just don't think most of our meal are all that interesting, I guess but I suppose some of them might be to someone.

  2. The fresh peanuts must have been wonderful. Yum.

  3. Shhhhh! I'm trying to stay away from them so there are some left for Phil!

  4. Hi Becky! I just love gardening in the fall! My swiss chard isn't coming up very good so I'm going to plant some kale, too. The spinach isn't coming up at all! I don't know what's wrong with my beds! I add compost and water, but go figure! Those green beans sure do look good! I love my peanuts roasted instead of boiled, though. Blessings from Bama!