Thursday, April 19, 2012

Southwest Salad

The day before yesterday, I had to go to town to run errands before work and forgot to bring a lunch. There are lots and lots of fast food places in town but I just don't eat at any fast food places so I just went into the store and got a salad. It wasn't just a plain salad and looked interesting. When I got to work and ate my salad it was WONDERFUL so I looked over the ingredients went back to the store that night and made my own. 

 Southwest Salad
 (this makes a very large salad)

1 head lettuce
1- 15 oz can corn, drained
1/2  a large bag of tortilla chips, broken up
1- 8 oz bag thinly shredded cheese (I used a Mexican 4 cheese blend)
cooked chicken--cut up or cubed. We used roasted chicken breast cubes.
Spicy Ranch Dressing (any brand will do)

I also had some cherry tomatoes which did not come with my salad from the store but I knew Phil would like them but Michelle forget to put them in as she was the one who had to make the salad since I was working. It is wonderful without them anyway. 


  1. That looks good!
    Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Salad is very good. I am looking at your jars (top of the blog) and thinking how much work is there. I think of this each time I come here. What a great job!

  3. Sounds good! And I bet the home-made one was even better than the store-bought one.
    Reminds me in a round-about way of a fantastic Cobb Salad I had once in Boston, at a place called The Cheesecake Factory. It was absolutely HUGE, but also amazingly good.

  4. Looks good. Not much work goes into it either. Now thats my kind of cooking.

  5. What a nice combination of flavors. "The Italian" will just love this. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I would so add black beans to the salad. But then I'd use any excuse to use black beans in something.

  7. Sounds nice, but can I ask what's in ranch dressing?

    1. Here is my post on how to make ranch dressing:
      However this is Spicy ranch dressing which I don't have a recipe for yet but it must have some type of hot pepper in it, though it is only spicy not really too hot.

  8. Sounds refreshing. It's fun to have something then recreate it yourself.