Monday, April 9, 2012


Not a thing about self sufficiency today. Today is just about flowers. I am not the perfect flower grower. I tend to just let my rose bushes grow and after a few years give them a prune. I knew this rosebush was going to do well by how many buds it had on it. I  love having flowers around the mailbox and can imagine how nice it is for the mail lady to pull up and see this every day. 
Right now only the red and pink ones are in bloom. I do  have a yellow one but it blooms really late. This rose is from the one in the front flower garden. I bought it marked down for $ .99  years ago and it was nothing but a few green twigs. The cashier looked at it and told me that I must have a really green thumb. I did nothing but plant it out in the front flower garden. There isn't even good dirt out there but it grew just fine and has lots of blooms every year. 

This is one of the hybrid tea rose bushes that was here when we moved here. I don't particularly like hybrid teas. They are great, I'm sure, if you want roses to cut but I can never cut them. I like to leave them on the plants and these make rather ugly bushes outside. They make such long stem with just a few roses.
I do have flowers besides roses but a lot of them have already bloomed and passed. I forget what these are called. I got these in a trade some time ago.
And last but not least, by far one of my favorite blooms..the tomato bloom. I found several of these on the tomatoes in the hanging baskets on the porch. It takes and awful long time to go from bloom to tomato though.


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    1. Thanks Mark, I thought you had some similar in your pictures somewhere.

  2. You just can't go wrong having greens and flowers around your home. That goes for people in remote areas. Flowers and lots of greens sure makes the days a lot brighter even on those ugly days. Thanks for the pics.

    1. This is true John, I just haven't planted any lately. The flowers at the stores this year are ridiculously high so I guess I will have to make due with the ones I have already.

  3. I love your roses. Your mail box area looks picaresque. I am sure the mail lady enjoys it. Plus the green flowers - hellebores is it?- look like tiny green roses. Beautiful post Becky.

  4. Love the rose as well. What a cheerful sight for both the mail carrier and you when you go collect the post. The hellebores is also pretty, I'm fond of them as well.