Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pallet Pig House

Doesn't everyone build pig houses on Easter? Well, my pigs needed a new house and today was the day we had time enough to do it so they got one on Easter.
The pig house is made from three pallets and some board across the back. I will cover the top with a tarp later (it is not supposed to rain all week).
The pigs were all very interested in the process and about drove Phil crazy while he was in there trying to build. They liked to stand right in the way and refuse to move. Phil's screw gun, however really scared them and they would run around the pen slamming into things and each other while he was using it.
As soon as the house was done and the straw thrown in they both ran in, threw around straw and then laid down. It didn't last long though. Once up again they started fighting over the house.
I imagine they'll soon have it settled and be back to lounging soon.

I also got this picture. When I checked on the chicks this morning one was dead. I don't know what happened to it but to be on the safe side I moved mama and babies to their own cage. Here is one who decided to peep out. 


  1. Two feisty looking pigs there Becky! Their new house looks great-good idea with those pallets.

  2. Where would we be without pallets, eh?

  3. Gotta love pigs they are so curious. Hope you and your family have a happy easter

  4. I really enjoy a good pig story. I wouldn't mind raising some animals but, out in the Alaska bush, you have to be there constantly to keep all the preditors away. The bears, wolves, fox, wolverine, Eagles and so on.