Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Little Yard Work

I had a lot of ideas on what I wanted to get done today and none of it happened. Phil got out working on the yard and I got caught up in it. The bushes in the front have gotten right out of hand again and Phil cut them back so that the water meter can be seen again (the city of Thomson leaves me little notes if they can't see the water meter box). Then I mentioned how we needed to get that plum tree down that had died last fall. So Phil went to work cutting it down. I saved the bigger wood to chip up and use in the smoker unless I find something else I want to use it for. It sure did leave a big empty spot by the driveway.
Meanwhile I was doing some..less strenuous chores. I put new solar lights around the front flower garden and did a little weeding though you probably wouldn't be able to tell if I took a picture since I tend to leave weeds that I like such as clover and violets and the clover has really taken over this year. I also had some flowers to plant and couldn't figure out what to do with them. I saw a big pot out back and this is where they went. So there are chrysanthemums in the middle and petunias around them. 
I also planted some chives that I bought at the flea market for a dollar and some sage that I had started myself. I then went down and watered the garden. It take a while because I just turn on the spigot on the rain barrel and since the rain barrel is up the hill by the back shed gravity sends it down the hose to the garden and there is only about half as much pressure as a regular hose.
Phil also got the grass cut and a cut down a lot of the little trees that sprout everywhere. Did I mention that it was 94 degrees F. today? Yeah, just a little warm but everything does look so much better. 
Just an added note here, the pig was up today and walking around almost like normal. He stayed up most of the time and doesn't look nearly as stiff.


  1. wow what a busy day! A weed is only a plant growing in the wrong spot, so if you like it where it is its not a weed! we have a couple of fruit trees we lost during our very wet weather Ill keep some of the wood to chip for your woodsmoker too, thanks for the idea

  2. Hey, sometimes the unplanned weekends are the most productive ones! Looks good!

  3. I do like your version of weeding. I leave the violets too.

  4. Wow, that's a BUSY day in that heat! I don't know how you do it in those temps!!!!!

  5. Glad to hear the pig is doing well.
    I just want it to hit 60F here for more than one day. :/