Monday, April 16, 2012

Getting the Most from Your Garden

I picked this book up at the thrift store this weekend. I have to admit that I don't have that many gardening books mainly because I don't find them real useful. I don't know if it is just having too much information all in one book that causes me to not like them but I normally enjoy magazines a whole lot more. There has been a few exceptions, however. I believe this book with make it into that "exception" category for me. It is a big thick book, over 400 pages, but last night I sat and read 55 of those pages and I learned things.  
Funny that I actually like this book since it is written by the editors of Organic Gardening Magazine which I have never really liked. 
The book is all about raising vegetables in garden beds instead of rows and how to space out your plants to get the greatest harvest from the amount of space that you have. It even has some handy charts on vegetable spacing (that will not agree with your seed packets). 
I'll next be reading about setting up and starting a vegetable bed, growing and caring for that bed. There then are all the normal sections you would find in a gardening book; companion planting, herbs, starting seeds, transplanting, cold frames etc. 
After that there are several sections that break down the country by regions; West Coast, Pacific Northwest,  Southwest, South and Mid-Atlantic. 
I don't imagine I will read every single word of the book but I do believe I will find several more of the sections useful and interesting. If you are using raised beds or regular growing beds or are thinking about it,  you may find this book useful as well.


  1. All my favourite gardening books I've found in thrift shops and I always wonder why someone got rid of them.

  2. thanks, Becky, I'll have to check that out...

  3. I have found some great gardening blogs

  4. I'll have to see if I can order that, as we are just about to put in raised vegi beds. Hopefully the chicks won't notice the veg is up there!

  5. I love books of most types, but there are only a few books that I would want to come back to again and again. Sounds like that one of yours might be one of them.