Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wow, 100 Followers!

I hope that means that what I am posting is useful or at least interesting. I am on here all week long reading other people's postings but hardly ever have anything good to post until the weekends when I have time to actually do something. Lately at work they have been trying to schedule some Saturday trainings and I tried to explain to my Unit Director that I just can't give them my time on the weekends because even though I don't "work" outside the home, the weekends are when I do all my work for my home and because we try to live self sufficiently my weekend probably isn't like other people's weekends. Other people who work there don't have to make soap, bake bread, slaughter chickens, clean out brooders, turn compost piles etc. on their weekends. I don't go to work until noon but even my mornings aren't like their mornings. One of the girls came in the other day and talked about how she had just slept all mornings and she guess she just needed it. Ha! There is no sleeping in here and if I do happen to screw up and sleep in, I am then rushing around trying to get the animals fed, watered and cleaned and something already set for Michelle to cook for supper. Not that I would change how we are living for anything but some days I do think how easy it must be to just lounge around all morning and then go to work at noon. I guess I'll never know.


  1. Hiya Becky, Yes your blog is very interesting, so keep on keeping on girl. I have borrowed lots of your ideas in the short time since I found your blog and it will become even more valuable when and if I manage to get my allotment and start keeping chickens and ducks.
    Thank you

  2. Does that make you a 'Centurion'? I like to read your blog and have been the grateful recipient of some sage advice in the past. So, congratulations and thank you.

  3. Congrats Becky! You deserve it and it is useful information you provide. keep it up!