Saturday, October 22, 2011

Ducklings on the Move

They HAD to move. Ducklings inside in a brooder should be as temporary as possible. Because ducklings are so wet all the time there is no way to keep their brooder clean and dry. I had mines water on a rack with a catch pan underneath it and they still manage to wet their bedding within a few hours. Not to mention that these Welsh Harlequin ducklings were growing fairly fast and just plain running out of room. It is my believe and my observation that if birds are kept in a brooder with not enough space or cleanliness for too long that they fail to thrive so the sooner you can get them more space, the better. But really it is the smell that gets you. Wet pine shavings and duck poo are the most nasty smell you can think of and it is IN YOUR HOUSE~ Eeew!
My ducklings in their new home. They were enjoying it right off and got their swim water filthy right off as any duck will do.
So now they have plenty of room to move around. They also saw the rest of the duck flock (when I let them loose for their run today), NOT that the other ducks paid them any attention but they saw and heard each other which I think is good for them too. Tomorrow, I will see what I can do about the other brooders if I get any time for that. I do hope to get a small batch of soap done and several other projects as well...stay tuned.


  1. I'm trying hard NOT to imagine the smell...

  2. It really is absolutely the worst which is why I don't hatch ducklings all the time.

  3. I am hating the smell of my chickens who are currently in the shower recess ... but I imagine, ducks would be much worse!