Saturday, October 29, 2011

Little things....

like this irritate me to no end!  WHY?
Does a bigger box make people want to buy it more? Apparently not since I bought this marked down to 
$ .99. It is just beyond my understanding.  To me it is just being wasteful for no reason.


  1. Maybe they think that people are dumb enough to think a larger box means you get more for your money. Yeah, right...

  2. I read 50 on the package and only expected to get 50 for my dollar. When it comes to pills, I always read how many these days. A big package could hold just 8 or 12.

  3. wow! That is really dodgy! The cosmetic companies age experts at deceptive packaging too. I don't buy facecream anymore (not much point when you have a face like a roadmap) but I did notice that the containers it came I were either very thick, with just a small well in the centre for the cream, or came in double walled they looked much bigger on the outside. Makes me boiling mad!

  4. It doesn't bother me so much that they are trying to trick people. I think consumers should be smarter than that now. What bothers me is the waste. I'm that person in the grocery store who moves stuff when the cashier puts one thing in a bag. I refuse to take more plastic bags than is necessary even if you can bring them back to be recycled.