Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chicken Soup

I have a nasty sinus infection this weekend which has made my throat a bit raw so nothing better to have for supper than homemade chicken soup.  When I butcher chickens I leave the neck attached to the back and freeze them just so that I can use them when I want to make soup. This one I started about 2:00 in the after noon. I put the back in water and let it boil, then added some sliced fresh carrots, some diced turnips, onions, dried mushrooms, salt and pepper, later I took all the meat off the bone and then I added the egg noodles shortly before I wanted to eat it. I just finished eating two bowls and it was absolutely wonderful.


  1. Can you send me some? I could eat that right now!

  2. They say that chicken soup is good medicine for just about any ailment. I agree! Hope it had the desired effect for you.