Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sink Replacement

So we live in a very old double-wide. It has these plastic sinks and tubs. The plastic sink in the small bathroom seems to be fine (the tub is broken but that is a post for another day--hopefully)but the one in the larger bathroom had...issues. It is scratched and had started to peel. I have no idea why. I take it that it was just..old. Today I finally decided we would spend the money for a new one- $30. Plus a tube of silicone. Phil had some pipe tape, a pair or large mouth pliers and a drill. Those were the only other things needed to replace the sink.
He shut off the water and removed the faucet (he replaced the faucet a year our so ago) and then the old sink.
Now the old sink is just nasty looking.. and this was after cleaning yesterday.
Then he drilled holes for the bolts of the new sink, put the drain pipe together (this is where pipe tape came in on the drain pipe), put the faucet on and siliconed around the drain and edge of the sink. This will have to dry until tomorrow but here is our new sink!


  1. That is so nice, you won't want to wash your gardening hands in it!

  2. Such a difference!It wasn't too big a job, either. I love remodeling and improving!!

  3. For something so cheap and easy it has made a wonderful difference. You will smile whenever you see it.

    Maybe I should stop being so tight and look toward the end result too.


  4. looks much nicer, and how much easier to keep clean.

  5. No ducks in it Mark. The ducklings would be too big for that sink by now and I don't plan on hatching any more ducklings (well there may be one duck egg in the incubator) until spring.
    Definitely easier to clean angela. Nice that it will actually "look" clean after I do it too.