Thursday, October 27, 2011

A Little Walk Around the Gardens

Phil asked me had they changed much since the last time. What does he know anyway? I think they have.
Red Cabbage
Some little garlic sprouts mixed in with some spinach that finally came up anyway.
There are still some nice roses in the front yard although they are smaller than they were this spring.
This bush is producing some nice hips.
To the side of the house one of the small fig trees has a few little figs on it. These will  likely fall off but it gives me hope for next year. 
One of the few surviving strawberry plants still trying to produce.
The two tomato plants in the raised bed in the back yard have now decided to set fruit. There are blooms all over them that will never do us any good now. 
So that was my quick walk around the gardens this morning. You all have a nice day. 


  1. My strawberries have been the same, but with all the trailers that have grown I should have a real bumper crop next year.

  2. Nice. I really do enjoy seeing how other peoples' gardens are doing.

  3. I knew you would like it Mark.
    Christine, mine didn't put out any runners either. This was a different variety than I had grown and where I put them ended up being too shady when the leaves got on the trees. I will move the few that are left to a raised bed of their own in the lower garden next year (where I know it is sunny) and get the kind with the white flowers that I usually get instead of these with the pink ones.