Friday, October 28, 2011

Lollipop Ghosts

So we needed treats today for our Halloween party for the kids at the Club that we are having Monday. You would think with our budget that we could get treats and supplies when we ask for them but it never seems to happen that way. But I love these 120 children so I went and spend a little money to buy them treats and prizes. This idea I saw on the Web and just loved it. It is nothing but a lollipop with a tissue tied on with yard and a face drawn on. I'll be making cupcakes this weekend as well. I have seen some good ideas for Halloween cupcakes too.


  1. Great idea, I'm just in the process of working out a few little treats for the children for Halloween, We have never celebrated it before here but with the mass media attention these days, It's hard to hide from it all. :)

  2. Your little ghosts look like ones I use to make with my kids when they were little. But we didn't use a 'lollipop'. We just used balled up tissue.

  3. I always hated Halloween when my kids were little. I hated going around to people's houses and knocking on doors but I always went for the kids and then when Phil came along things got so much better because he went with me to help.
    Now I have 120 children at the Club and some don't get anything else for Halloween/Fall that we don't provide for them so it is important to us to make it a fun day for them.
    Misty, I have mad the ghosts with all sorts of stuff balled up in them or made from cloth and hung outside on trees. This was just something I had never tried before with the lollipops. I could have just given them the lollipops but little things mean a lot sometimes.