Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Missed Monday's Harvest

Because I was busy doing other things and wasn't harvesting anything yesterday but this is what I harvested today. Finally some big tomatoes. Unfortunately the two heirloom tomato varieties that I planted this year, Taxi and Tip Top, both produced small tomatoes. Good tomatoes but small. The big ones in this picture come from Celebrity.
All my harvests are going to look like this because this is all that is growing right now. The squash did die in the heat or from something (I did see some squash bugs on the tomatoes, but they don't like Insecticidal Soap). I did go out yesterday and plant more beans and some Swiss chard but I will have to be quick once they sprout to protect them from the bugs. 
I was quite busy yesterday and this morning making Phil something for his birthday. I will post about it when I get finished. 


  1. Oh for fresh tomatoes, I really miss them. Occasionally I'll buy them but the price and the quality seem to have an inverse relationship. The more you pay the more tasteless they seem.

    1. It will be the same for us. I wish I could keep them through the winter but that is unlikely. During the winter we seldom have salad or anything with fresh tomatoes. I used to think it was just because you have a tendency to want fresh salad in spring but now I think it is just because we know it doesn't taste as good when it doesn't come from the garden.

  2. Nice tomatoes! Waiting here for them to ripen.