Thursday, May 10, 2012

"There was this SALE!"

So I had to stop at the store last night to pick up 4 things: milk, dish soap, soda for Phil and paper towels. I don't believe I have mentioned that Fluff had kittens under the house which is where the cats usually do but Fluff is a very small cat and this weekend we could hear the kittens crying. We tried to get them out but couldn't get them all to come to us at first but the other day we managed to get all of them---4 thin little kittens. Fluff was brought inside as well and was found to be sick and her milk had, for the most part, run out.

But we are pretty good at the kitten raising thing now. 1 cup milk, 1 egg and a drop of corn syrup makes the best milk for kittens (we have tried the stuff in the store before, it gives them diarrhea).

 Anyway, four kittens drink a lot of milk and go through a lot of paper towels so I had to stop at the store. 
When I got home Phil said, "Geez, I didn't know you were getting that much stuff!"
And I said, "But there was this SALE!"
And he said, "Really...again?"
It was funny but there really was a bit of sale. The marigolds were on sale!
 I might just plant them in the garden to attract more bees. I have some that I started from seed down there but they aren't blooming yet and I like having flowers in the garden. It is cheery to walk down and see something blooming amongst the vegetables.
And then they had sale stuff in tubs right as you came in the door and I passed them by at first because there were some very rude women standing around them talking "trash" about the stuff in the bins (ok, little vent, if you don't want the stuff leave it alone and try to watch your mouth in) but when I came back through no one was at them and I took a look. Not much was left but this was there!
Yeah! I wanted one of these! I had looked them up online and in the stores and they were always over $20. It isn't that I can't make jerky without it, I can, it is just that this will make it a whole lot easier. It was $2. The box had been opened but all the stuff inside was still wrapped in plastic.
So that was my joy for the day. I do love getting a good deal on something that I have been wanting.
By the way, the kittens are doing great. Gaining weight, though the little one in the second picture is incredibly needy and wants to be held all the time. Fluff is getting better as well but now, sadly,  just kind of ignores the kittens. 


  1. The kittens are sweet. Good thing you all got them out & are takin good care of them & momma. Way to go on your bargain... thats nice.

  2. Um, how does the jerky maker work?

    1. This is not the exact one that I have but it works the same way.

  3. Cute Kittens, great flowers, super sale score! nice post!

  4. Marigolds also supposedly deter bugs from your garden. My MIL swears by them. They have a small, raised-bed garden and she plants marigolds around the border every year.

    1. Well, I didn't end up putting these in the garden, I put them around the new birdbath instead. I still have the other ones growing in the garden and have some nasturtiums growing in it as well.

  5. The marigolds look great! I love it when my flowering plants surprise me when I am not expecting to see flowers.

    Your kittens are so cute. We once had a cat (Mrs. Patch as she had a lot of black patches on her white fur)that gave birth to three kittens. They were so cuddly and playful that me sister and I spent most of out time with them. Unfortunately our parents gave them away as soon as they were old enough.

  6. The kittens are absolutely gorgeous.