Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Finally Peppers and RAIN!

We have been without rain for a week and a half or so and when it is nearly 90 F. every day, things get a bit...cooked. We have had a good chance for rain for 2 days and it rained not a half mile from the house both days (I actually have gotten to see a rainbow each day too!) but no rain for us. This morning it got a little dark then sprinkled and I thought that might be all we would get. I got out there and made my discovery in the garden and got a few pictures. After coming in, however, things got good and dark and it is finally RAINING! Oh, it isn't pouring but it is a nice steady light rain that will give the garden a good water that it has been needing.
Speaking of gardening here is the pepper part:

 And another!:

I finally am going to have some fresh peppers to eat. I don't know if it is the raised beds or the variety, Jimmy Nardello, that did it but whatever it was, I am glad.
(The rain is stopping- a bit sooner than I had hoped but at least we got some this time.)
I guess that is the way gardening goes. Last year I got my first onions and radishes to grow. This year the onions did nothing and I only got a few radishes (different bed), but this year it looks like I will get peppers and squash which I  didn't get last year. If I could just get a couple years together, I would be all set!
Here is a few more pictures. This is a cluster of tomatoes on one of the hanging basket tomatoes and the other is a bunch of blossoms on one of the larger tomatoes.


  1. We have had a lot of drizzle in May. I like when we get rain and then sun. But at least it is precipitation which we have been very short of this year. Your tomatoes and peppers are looking great.

  2. If I could bottle up the rain from Middlesbrough, England and send it to you I would, we've had it constantly for the past 5 weeks, and looking out the window I'd say it was about to come again. My toms and chillies haven't grown in that time at all

  3. I'm so ready for my tomatoes to come in....I'd say I'm jealous, but that wouldn't be right. Nice looking plants!

  4. Well, apparently it poured really good after I left for work so now everything is really watered well.

  5. Hope you have a bountiful crop of EVERYTHING this year!

  6. It is hard when your growing your food. Some years we get heaps of one thing and nothing of the other and yet the next year it will be the other way around. Oh well as long as there is something to eat we cannot complain. I hope you get all the rain you need for a bumper crop!

  7. Oh your peppers and tomatoes look splendid. I love home grown tomatoes.