Thursday, May 24, 2012


Yes, I have eaten one of the tomatoes but other than that this is what I have harvested so far this week. The squash is just a straight neck yellow squash. The little tomatoes are Sungold (I think) tomatoes from the hanging baskets. They have done so good this  year and there is a whole lot of little green fruit hanging from my porch. The peppers are Jimmy Nardello. I must say that the pepper plants are not exactly stocky but are producing. I will likely save seeds from them this year and plant them in better spots next year. I will also likely plant more of them since they didn't really fill the space I had for them although they may get a lot larger before they are done.
Nothing else going on lately but work. After school programming is over and summer camp is about to start. I have a lot to do.
Thinking about butchering some chickens this weekend...again (the thinking part that is). I need to. They are eating entirely too much. The bigger (males) of the meat birds are about ready and I need to get them done and there are still those extra bantam roos to do. 


  1. Those squash are really pretty. I haven't planted any yellow squash this year. Just zucchini.

    1. Well, I meant to plant both and I may have but then I replanted and forgot what I had planted the first time plus I didn't know what had come up and what hadn't, lol, so maybe I have some and maybe I don't.

  2. Your zucchini is a looker. I love the sunshine yellow of it. Anything you cook with it should remind you of a warm summer's day.

  3. Looking good Becky! I've got a Jimmy Nardello as well. I've not grown it before so I am interested in seeing how it does.

  4. My yellow straightnecks are getting there. Your way ahead of me though. Mine have yet to flower but hopefully soon.

  5. Those tomatoes are looking mighty tasty. I wish I could raise chickens. Being out in the BUSH alone would make for a full time job keeping the predators away.