Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Seeds Are Started

Michelle's cat thinks my windowsill is the best place to lay in the sun and threw my herb starts off of it three times so apparently that is not going to work (the basil managed to survive being thrown around but that is all. So for starting the other seeds we had to do something else. I had this Jiffy seed starting thing that I got last year after the growing season was over; it was on sale for just $2. Since it has a cover to it, I am fairly sure it will be safe from the stupid kitten (as long as he doesn't lay on top and block all the sunlight).

The tomatoes and peppers went in this and there are a few rows left for more herb seeds when the stores come out with them.
 I also planted the raised bed in the back yard. A few weeks ago I had planted Little Marvel and some snow peas all around the raised bed since there is a little fence around it for them to climb on and they have all come up this year. I changed the plan a bit and put onions on one side of the raised bed. The onions I bought from the store last year did so well that I decided to try it again only this year I planted some Golden Pearl onions. We'll see how they do. In the middle I planted the Viroflay spinach, and on the other side I planted the dinosaur kale.
So hopefully in a few weeks I'll have seedlings to show everyone.


  1. looks good! i wish i had a lid for my new seed trays, we also have a curious kitten who loves knocking things of 'her' seat! its too early here for toms and peppers but we've started leeks and lettuce and onions so far :)

  2. Much as I sympathise with your predicament, can we please see a photo of the (presumably cute) culprit?

  3. Wow. Seeing this makes me itch to get started but it's WAAAAAY too early here. I can't even think about starting my early, cool weather brassicas inside for another month and a half. When is your last frost date?

  4. I haven't the slightest idea when our last frost date is but by the end of February/beginning of March we will be getting warm again.
    Ok, Mark I will post some pictures of the cats.

  5. waaay too early for western Kentucky too, but I did order seeds today. soo looking forward to spring and summer. thanks, your post makes me hopeful that warmer weather's not as far away as I'd thought!