Friday, January 13, 2012

It's Cold Outside!

The sun looks so lovely shining through the window on my plant but if you go outside don't expect to feel any warmth from the suns rays today. It's cold! And it's windy which makes it so much colder! 
We have been spoiled this winter in Georgia. We haven't had any winter to speak of and we are hoping this cold snap passes quickly too. I really don't know how long it is supposed to last as I haven't seen the weather in days as these digital signals don't come in half the time but I sure am hoping it is a short one. 
I suppose it could be worse. The outside water didn't freeze so I was able to water the animals without having to track through the house with buckets though my finger still were good and frozen by the time I was done. 
The foliage on the banana trees finally died off. I had never had them green so long into the winter before. 
No they don't produce bananas though I used to have some that did (not that mine ever got large enough to produce any). I will have to cut them back now and pile some leaves over the roots to keep until next year. Then they will have to be divided as they are growing too close to the porch and often over grow it and we have to cut the leaves back in order to get up the steps. 
Really not much else to tell you all about. The garden still looks great. The cold has not hurt it any. The birds so far are still laying and we'll be eating homemade pizza tonight again. Cold but still content.


  1. Saw your comments about school food on Green Dragonette's blog (thanks for supporting her, BTW). You should write a post about school dinners then and now - sounds like there's a major difference.

  2. Hi Becky,
    Many thanks indeed for visiting my new blog website and leaving such a thought provoking comment. I spent a year in Wisconsin when I was growing up and so experienced ‘typical’ cheese from there. Interesting experience...I just remember the cheese being predominately orange in colour. Dredging up my memories from thirty plus years ago there was something called ‘Brick cheese’ a softish, very mild cheese often sliced into our sandwiches, Colby cheese which was very, very mild and sponge like and a rather squeaky thing called cheese curds-sort of rubbery blobs which literally squeaked when you bit into them.
    It is fascinating also how different our experiences have been for school meals. And lunch time in an American High very, very different indeed to what I had been used to. I had never had a ‘bag’ lunch before and was highly intrigued that food to eat such as sandwiches could be bought from a times have changed...and then I had my first experience of a food fight in the high school in Wisconsin...oh my goodness...being young and impressionable I thought the movies had come to life!!

  3. "Cold, but still content" - I like that, a lovely attitude

  4. It's definitely cold here as well. We had a high of 15 today. Brrrrrr...... But up until this storm we still had some green grass out there. Very unusual winter everyone seems to be having.
    Hmm, homemade pizza sounds yummy.

  5. I love learning about people from other countries and how they live and grew up. For some reason I just never thought we were all that different until I found the blogs.

    You have to have a little bit of cold. I think if it had stayed so warm all winter I would have really gotten worried about what we have done to our environment to cause such a change.

    The pizza was definitely good. Maybe not quite as good as one you could get at a restaurant but I'll take my sourdough pizza any day--plus it is going to be a real short week for us and "buying as little as possible" will be the game this week.