Monday, January 16, 2012

Harvest Monday 1/16

Not exactly what you had in mind? This is two duck eggs, three chicken eggs, 2 bantam eggs and there were 3 quail eggs but I let Clone and Skip have them.
Since I cheated a little on the "harvest" part, I'll at least show picture of the garden. Here are the new peas sprouting in the back yard raised bed.
These are the sprouts on the broccoli. I really should get these picked...maybe tomorrow.
Here is the green cabbage. Yes it is looking like a small head coming anyway.
This is the garlic and the spinach that is coming back since I picked it.
This is the red cabbage. They do not seem to be heading and I am debating giving them some fertilizer. 
Here is the little patch of salad greens that came up from old seeds I threw in a new bed. They actually are looking pretty good.


  1. I reckon that collecting eggs from your own birds has to be a legitimate subject for Harvest Monday.

  2. The eggs are a harvest of sorts! I always include our egg collections in our weekly harvest totals.

    On the red cabbage, you need to be patient. Far too many people declare that the cabbage is not heading and rip them out - not realizing that red cabbages take a long time to get to full maturity. Your plants are healthy and those central growing points will eventually curl and form into a head. The plants will get very big and take quite a long time to form and size up the heads - but the wait is worth it.

  3. Nice to have fowl to get fresh eggs from. As Laura said give the red cabbage time.

  4. Oh the red cabbages have at least a few more months before I will need that spot and I'll leave them as long as I can. I have only once had a cabbage make a head but that was before the raised beds. Thanks Kitsap and wilderness.

  5. Your garden looks great. Mine is currently covered in snow so it's good to see someone with an active growing garden!! Eggs count as a harvest in my view!

  6. Your garden is looking great. Love your eggs too. :)


  7. Hi Becky,
    I do envy you having fresh bantam and quail eggs. Scrambled eggs made with our bantam eggs was one of my breakfast favourites when growing up-the yolks seemed so much more creamier I think because there appeared to be less egg white to yolk ratio. Oh and to have fresh quail eggs-one of my absolute treats nowadays! I love having them hardboiled with a sprinkle of sea salt. If I have some in the fridge, they are such a temptation...

  8. I like to pickle the quail eggs and yes, they are a temptation. I haven't noticed any difference between my chicken eggs and bantam eggs except size.