Monday, January 16, 2012

Candle Making with Molds

I showed you all how to dip candles here but a few weeks ago I got a candle making kit from the thrift store that had just about everything in it so I made some candles with molds this time. I started taking pictures with the camera but had to finish off with the phone when the camera's batteries ran out. Here is the kit..$3.49.

The only thing I could see that the kit was missing was the rubber mold for the pillar candle. 

I started with the larger blue molds. You had to thread the wick onto a large needle then make a hole through the center of the bottom of the mold and pull the wick through then you put this awful sticky putty around the wick and hole to keep it from leaking. 
Then you turned it over and had to tie the little sticks on so that they were tight and straight when you put the sticks in the slots.

Now it was time to melt the wax. The wax came in the form of little beads which were really easy to melt. It also came with color. I just had to scrape off a very little bit of color from these. 

I did all my colors in one pan. I didn't have any cans so did it in jars. I don't think they were any more difficult to use than a can would be. 
I did more blue than the other colors because I wanted the one rubber mold--a rabbit--to be blue. 
The rabbit had to have a wick threaded through it as well. Then you put it in its little cardboard holder and into a cup. 
Then there was nothing to do but pour the wax. I was trying to do several colors in one candle. You were supposed to pour a little of one color and then wait until it got a skin on it then pour more but they should have just told you to wait until the first color was almost completely hard because mine kind of mixed. It is still a pretty effect though. 
The floating candles used a different method. You did not stick the wick through a hole in them. You dipped their wick in wax and waited for it to harden on the wick, then you straightened it and added a little piece of foil on the end. You poured the wax in the mold and then when it got a skin on it you poked the wick, foil side first, into the candle. 
Here they are finished and out of their molds. The kit also came with one lovely scent (though it doesn't tell what the scent is) so the candles smell as good as they look.
A little closer...


  1. I just found your blog and don't know how I have missed it in the past.

  2. Looks like a nice way to spend a few hours, and... the price is right! Plus the forms are re-usable - great!

  3. Well, some of the molds were reusable and some of them cracked when I went to take them out, but it does tell that you can make your own molds out of almost any plastic container.