Sunday, January 15, 2012

Frugal Meals This Week

It is all about frugal meals this week. Car repairs and 4 weeks of poor paychecks have really taken their toll on my full freezer. Not to mention that prices on meat in the stores lately have really been ridiculous. Hamburg that you used to be able to get for $2.29 a lb is now $3.69 and I can't by it at that prices. Steaks are outrageous and pork prices have almost doubled. This week I bought two pounds of hamburg (I found some at one store on sale for $2.59 lb), 2 lbs of bacon ends and pieces, some tillapia fillets (which were on sale) and some sausage dogs. I also got the "meal deal" at one store. You had to buy 2 bags of chicken tenders (almost $13)and got a two liter soda, french fries, a half gallon of ice cream and your choice of froze veggie (I got brussel sprouts) free. That will have to do us. I do still have a turkey left from Christmas, and some turkey breasts left in the freezer.
I believe I mentioned that we had homemade sourdough pizza night before last. The toppings were some of the ham I sliced with my new slicer, mushrooms(in the storage room) and red peppers (in the freezer) so it didn't cost us a thing except really (the sauce was leftover sauce from other meals that didn't need a whole can of sauce; it was saved in a jar in the freezer).
Last night we had goulash. Our goulash is just macaroni, two cans of whole tomatoes (cut up) and a pound of scrambled hamburger (I added a little onion as well). We love the stuff. Today I am going to cook some of the turkey breasts and just make turkey salad sandwiches and I may come up with a soup to go with it.
Other possibilities for this week are tacos, breakfast for supper, the sausage dogs and baked beans, Michelle can't really cook fish so if we use that I will have to cook it, I have some tuna and tuna helper that she can make, and some of the turkey could be made into turkey casserole, and there are the chicken strips too.
We will likely have meat left over at the end of the week and the animals will still be fed and the cars have gas in them, if all goes as planned anyway.
Now if the next few weeks turn out as bad we may have a few deaths in the family. I have too many roosters and drakes anyway.


  1. I understand all that. I about choked on my gum when I seen all the meat prices have went up. We weren't able to have cows this year so it's been rough. Thank goodness we got some deer, though.

  2. Becky, I wish everyone would think as carefully as you do about what they are going to eat - whatever their budget. Too many people fail to plan ahead, and have little clue about how to cook stuff from first principles so they end up eating frozen ready-meals or sending out for a really poor-value Takeaway.
    We are reasonably well-off, but we still don't like to see food wasted and we often make meals out of leftovers.

  3. I think bacon and egg are one of the tastiest meals you can have, all you need is a mug of tea to go with it.

  4. It's good to have meat on the foot. Frugality is a virtue too few practice.

  5. We had pumpkin macaroni this evening - admittedly I bought a courgette and tomatoes to jazz it up, but the pumpkin (a little Blue Hubbard), garlic and chilli flakes were my own. It was REALLY nice! We don't eat a lot of meat at all really, maybe three or four times a week but we go veggie a lot - it's cheaper, and I don't like supermarket meat much so I try to get to a butcher. It is very hard to beat a rasher and egg though!

  6. that goulash sounds simple--bet it'd be good made with sausage too!

  7. We sometimes made a dish similar to your goulash, but then we cracked eggs over it and put it under the broiler until the eggs cooked enough. We call it "gravy train." I have no idea why. Usually we made it with tomato soup concentrate rather than tomatoes, but either works.

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