Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cat Tails

By request here are the pictures of some of the cats. There are four other outdoors cats that aren't pictured here. Three are this years litter and one is Skip who is a small cat from last years litter.

Only two of the cats live inside right now. This one is probably my windowsill culprit. This is Little Butt.

Yeah, yeah, so cute until you find your plants on the floor.
This is the other possible culprit. This is Hippo. He likes to attack things, especially Little Butt but on occasion Romeo, the dog.
This next picture could be Hippo or it could be Clone. I can't tell unless the eyes are open. Clone has yellow eyes and so does Hippo but Hippo's are a lot darker. (Michelle takes all these cute cat pictures and then just leaves them on my camera.)
Clone was named Clone because he looked exactly like his mother and like a brother in the same litter. Clone and the rest of these all live outdoors, in the back shed (where Clone and Skip live) or under the house. Clone ran away for a while and returned to us almost completely starved this spring. He and Skip beg for eggs when I collect them and I often give them the bantam eggs or a few quail eggs.
This is Sweetie when she was younger. She is quite a bit heavier now. She is Hippo's mother. She lost an eye when she was little and because of this she is sometimes pampered and allowed to come in the house (and also if you don't let her in she constantly jumps and claws at Michelle's window). 
This is Cookie. Cookie is bow-legged on his back legs so looks a bit funny but he is an extremely content and lovable cat. 
And the last picture I have is of BeBe --Michelle names them I don't. I believe he got this name when he was little because we already had a cat called Baby so this one became BeBe instead. He is our alpha male now since Scampy was killed by a neighbor's dog. He takes his job very seriously and chases Clone whenever he can catch sight of him (which is why Clone stays in the back shed).


  1. Thanks Becky. As you say, they look perfectly cute in the photos, but having owned cats myself I know that they often have dual personalities.
    Do you know the website
    If not, have look! Lots of amusing cat pics...

  2. Really nice to see pictures of your cats. At one point when I was growing up we had at least 15 cats. So all your pictures bring back fond memories of my cats. I had one that looked quite a bit like BeBe and another like Sweetie. Of course they probably had different personalities.

  3. When we moved here there were 5 stray cats that lived outdoors. We fed them, they multiplied like...cats. We ended up with a LOT of cats. Now we just have these 10 and that is still too many but Michelle just could not give away her one gray mama cat (she said she would and then she burst into tears) and I could not afford to have her spade so we have a few half grown kittens that I will have to do something with as two are females.
    Oh and Michelle tells me the cat coming through the weeds is Clone (I should have looked at the eyes) and the other two are Hippo (she thinks).

  4. I had a cat that looked like Hippo... or was it Clone? I like the idea of garden cats but in this neighborhood I don't think it is such a good idea, too much traffic and too many dogs.

  5. You should have seen Hippo with the pigs today. He was fascinated but then they ran towards him and he was terrified, lol.