Sunday, January 29, 2012

Greenhouse Redo

My greenhouse has been in very sad shape for several years now, mostly because it was used to house meat birds and other birds for a while. I want to get it back to at least be usable this year so today I worked on taking stuff out of it and re-plasticing the sides. I actually only got two sides done as I didn't have enough plastic for the back but it already looks so much better. It was a heck of a job. There is actually a chicken pen attached to the other side. The bantam chickens in it did not appreciate me invading their space with hammer (there was a gutter on that side that had to come down too), staple gun and roll of plastic but I was determined to get that side done as well as it would be the harder side and I wanted it out of the way. The roof is going to get some corrugated plastic roofing once I get a way to get it home.
I also picked up 5 more bags of cranberries at the store. These I picked through and cleaned and then put in the freezer. I have ordered the stuff I will need to try to make wine for the first time and hope to use them for that. It is something I have wanted to try for a long time. I am not much of a wine drinker but if it's there I'll drink it. Anyone who has made wine and wants to leave me a link to a blog post they did on it would be greatly appreciated.
Besides that there was broccoli (on sale and from the garden), spinach (from the garden This Weeks Harvest will be the next post) and turnip greens (from the raised beds at work) to blanch and freeze.

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