Friday, January 20, 2012

Over Night...

The tomato seedlings popped up over night. Almost every single one that I planted (the two in the front are basil.)
In other news, 6 chickens were gone last night; their pens broken into. Today we lost another. Michelle says it was a big black dog that she hadn't seen before. His days are numbered. His number would have been up today if he had just moved within the reach of Dukey's run. 


  1. Woo, woo, Becky! (on the seedlings)

    Sorry to hear about losing chickens, though. :(

  2. So sorry about losing your chickens... how devastating :(

    Well done on your tomatoes!!! Exciting times ahead :)

  3. Sorry to hear about your chickens :(

    My Tomato seeds haven't even seen soil yet! :)

  4. We now have 19 chickens killed. He just had a field day yesterday. It could be that a few of them will come back. I found a Norwegian Jaerhon this morning but I am not hopeful. I was thinking about cutting back on my chickens anyway but this is not how I wanted to do it. All the pyncheons are gone and all the Black tailed white Japanese are gone. The layers are still out there and some of the mixed bantams. He hasn't touched the ducks yet but their door does need repair.

  5. So sorry to hear about your chickens. I've had the same problem; lost 30 chickens and some rabbits a couple of years ago. A few months ago there were 6 dogs in the rabbit pen trying to tear into the cages.... several of them didn't go home. Just wish I could have gotten the other ones. This summer I will be building a new chicken house and run that will be as varmint proof as possible with electric fencing too.