Thursday, December 1, 2011

Work Before Work--Dehydrated Potatoes, Canned Squash, Roasted Seeds

Today I had work to do before work. It might have waited until the weekend but I didn't want to have to do it on the weekend (I am sure there will be other things that need doing) and I thought I would see if I could get it done this morning.
Last weekend I had gotten 2 bags of potatoes marked down ($1.50 a bag) but I was pretty sure we weren't going to get them used up before they went soft or turned green so I had to get some of them peeled and either dehydrated or canned. Dehydrating won because I had the squash to can. Dehydrated potatoes need to be  peeled and blanched.
And then just put in the dehydrator like anything else. 
As I mentioned, I also had squash (marked down to $1.25 a bag) and we will be more likely to use it if it is mashed and canned. Yes, I know it isn't recommended that you can mashed squash or pumpkin any more so don't do it if you are worried about it. I'm not. 
I peeled the squash. That sounds so easy, doesn't it but NOT with winter squash, especially sweet dumpling squash with all those ribs (I would never grow it, too hard to peel). Then I cook it until soft, 
 This pan was almost too small.
drain it (get as much water out as possible), mash it 

and put it in the jar and pressure can for 65 minutes.
However, you can't let those good seeds go to waste. Just collect them up and wash them (they don't have to be perfect, a little pumpkin pulp will just add flavor.)

Then add some melted butter. I don't measure and how much depends on how many seeds you have but these took a good heaping tablespoon full of butter. I then sprinkled them good with garlic and salt, mixed it up and spread them on a couple cookie sheets. 
Roast them for a little bit in the oven (350 degrees), then turn them and roast until just brown. They are such a good snack!
While the canner was going I got out and fed the animals and then took a shower. 
Did you have work before work today? What was it?


  1. Becky - Dehydrating potatoes!! Clever girl :) Would love to know how long that takes, how you store, and how you re-hydrate. Do you use the re-hydrated potatoes for mash potato only?

  2. I wouldn't re-hydrated them for mashed potatoes at all. I would add them to soups and stews mostly. I imagine.Almost everything I have dehydrated either takes one whole day or a day and a night.