Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Cookies...

It's not my fault that the other kids wanted some too and Phil and Michelle had ate a lot of them so I had to make more. They are all far away from home and if I send just a little bit of home to them...well, it makes me feel better anyway. Boxes will be headed their way tomorrow while Phil and Michelle are scarfing down cookies here too.

Peanut butter cookies

Hershey's Kisses cookies. I did not realize these were mint flavored (sorry John, I wanted chocolate too).

Now these next cookies were supposed to be oatmeal cookies until I found out I had used all the oatmeal for something else after I had already made the rest of the batter. What to do, what to do? Well, I added a quarter cup of cocoa and cracked and chopped some pecans (another quarter cup or so) and we now have Chocolate Pecan cookies. 
They're pretty good actually.


  1. Wow. Those red and white kiss ones look AMAZING. I have a sweet tooth like no other! :)

  2. I bet your place smells wonderful!

  3. The cookies look yummy I only wonder how could you make such lovely looking and off course delicious cookies! Recipe please:)
    Check this out if you wish -
    Cookie Personality - What kind of cookie are you?

  4. Well, let's see the recipes for the chocolate peanut butter chip cookies and the mini m&m cookies were on their packages and I threw them away. The recipe for the peanut butter cookies (and the batter that was supposed to be oatmeal cookies) are in the Betty Crocker cookbook (I am sure you can find them anywhere online as well) and the recipe for the Hershey's Kiss cookies I found online by putting Hershey's Kiss cookies in the search engine.

  5. They all look yummy. Its bakin time in my kitchen too... I love it. We had our Christmas Cookie Bakin night Saturday, so fun every year. My daughter & I baked more cutout cookies last night. Today I've got Mississippi mud brownies with Andes choc. on top, caramel corn & cookies (dont know what kind I'm gonna bake yet).

  6. Becky, this week I won a prize in a photography competition on the UK Veg Gardeners forum - it is a copy of the book called "The Self Sufficiency Manual" by Alison Candlin. I immediately thought of you. Do you know this book?

  7. Becky; Will you please email me (address in my Profile) - there is something I would like to discuss with you privately. Thanks!

  8. No I have not heard of that book yet. I will email you.