Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sourdough Pizza

 This is without a doubt the best pizza you'll ever eat. This makes 2 pizzas.

2 cups sourdough starter
2 tsp. salt
2 Tablespoons melted lard or shortening
2 cups flour

Mix together all the ingredients knead a little until you have a soft dough. Brush oil over your pizza pans. Cut dough into two equal pieces. Make a ball out of one half of the dough, flatten it out in your hands and stretch it into a flat circle (it won't be very big at first, that is okay). Put it on your pan and working from the center out mash the dough outwards until it fills the pan (push a little extra to the outside edge if you like). Prick the dough in several place with a fork. Allow the dough to rise for 15 minutes or so (not necessary but it looks nicer). 

Cook the crusts in a preheated 350 degree F oven for 5-7 minutes (it will not be done or look done, it isn't supposed to so only cook it 5-7 minutes). 
Spread your sauce on the crusts, add your cheese and toppings.
Bake in your oven (still on 350) for approximately 25 minutes. Today I made a combination pizza that had shredded Italian cheese, mushrooms, pepperoni, red peppers and onions on it and I made the other just cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms. 

*Cost for me was:
$1 for the mushrooms
$4 for the cheese
$2 for the pepperoni
$1 for the sauce
I had the peppers in the freezer bought when they were marked down and I had the onions and ingredients for the dough. Those all together were probably less than a dollar.


  1. Nope, running a restaurant is not something I think I would enjoy. I have worked in several but don't want to run one.

  2. Looks great! I really need to get some sourdough starter going. I haven't used it in years

  3. Oh my! This looks mouthwatering! I know what we'll have for dinner tonight!

    Thanks Becky!

  4. It is good Poppy. I like use this one and the breader the most.