Friday, December 30, 2011

Pickled Onions

So this morning I found this wonderful blog and specifically this wonderful post where they showed how to make the carrot slaw and it looked SO good but I have to have the pickled onions first. I also got to try out the Slice 0'Matic that I got for Christmas.
I have made pickled onions before but it wasn't nearly as simple as just putting the onions in vinegar with a little canning salt and letting it set for a while. I don't have a root cellar to put it in (see video) but I do have an unheated (storage) room where all the canning stuff and extra food is stored right now. The Slice O' Matic worked just fine for slicing the onions though I had to cut them in quarters to fit in it and I think it will be a great help when I have things to slice up for the dehydrator. 
So here are the pickled onions. I'll let you know after they get some time to sit and pickle how well I like that carrot slaw. 


  1. We sometimes do quick-pickled onions a bit like that. We slice the onions and lay them in a shallow dish, then cover them with malt vinegar and leave them to stand for a couple of hours. Even after just two hours they are really nice. They go well with cold meats and pies.

  2. First time I have seen pickled onions like this we usually have small onions,it was my job to peel them.

  3. Pickled onions are delicious! I look forward to your slaw demonstration.

  4. If you follow the link up there, David, you can see how the person on that blog made carrot slaw.