Saturday, December 3, 2011

Simply Breadcrumbs

This has never happened before!

We have often had store bought bread leftover that is cubed and saved for stuffing, croutons etc. but this has never happened with my homemade bread. I guess I need to make just one loaf for the three of us. NOT that I will let it go to waste. It is dry now that is why it isn't being eaten. I store it in our little electric oven wrapped in a towel and it never occurred to me that it wouldn't get eaten in the first few days and I should wrap it in plastic. It was a long week for me here and I have been rather exhausted by it.
Anyway, as I said, I won't let it go to waste.
Breadcrumbs have been in cookbooks since 1716. Technically the "crumb" refers to the inner soft part of the bread not the crust but I will use it all to make my breadcrumbs.

All I did was cut it up in pieces small enough to fit in my mini-chopper and (yup, hated the noise but had to use it) chopped them until they were... breadcrumbs.
Because the inside of the bread was still somewhat soft, I put the crumbs (several mini-choppers full) on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven so the pilot on the stove could dry them completely. You could use your dehydrator if you don't have a gas stove or just a nice sunny day if you have no dehydrator (beside the wood stove or heater might work as well).


  1. I always double my homemade bread recipe and then put 3 of the loaves in the freezer. That way I can have fresh bread whenever I want. But like you...I too cut up my fair share for croutons and crumbs!
    As your posts.

  2. I have done that before too, made several to put in the freezer but didn't have room in the freezer with the extra turkey's and ham this time.

  3. Foudn your blog by looking round, very nice!!! :) I love finding like minded people in the world :)
    Peace be with you!
    ~ Organic Momma

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  5. Let's try that again, :)

    Good idea, I rarely have bread go stale on me but if I do, normally I feed it to my friends chickens... or compost