Monday, December 26, 2011

Country Lore and Wisdom

This book is one of the things I got for Christmas. I seriously doubt I will ever get it all read. It is a thick, BIG book.  You can just pick up this book turn to any page and find all sorts of interesting, self sufficient things that you want to try.
It is definitely a collection. What is surprising when you read it is that some of it uses old methods to make something and on the next page there is something that needs an electric tool. For instance, I was amazed at one small part that told how to make drinking glasses from wine bottles. It involved tying a string around the bottle soaked in alcohol, setting it on fire and then pouring cold water in the bottle (yes sounded a bit dangerous and if I ever try it I will have some kind of protective gear on).  However their method of making yogurt involved a yogurt maker (I have never needed one of those to make yogurt).
Anyway, there are definitely THOUSANDS of useful things in this book to help you be more self sufficient but it isn't a book that you can sit down and just read through; it is more like an encyclopedia.
One thing that I was very surprised to see was that their wasn't an actual section on growing vegetables. It did have a section on planting by the moon and another that told the history of several vegetables but no actual gardening or what soil conditions each vegetables likes. Not that you'll miss it. There are too many other things to read about in this book to keep you busy.


  1. With that book at your disposal, there will be no stopping you now! What will you try next? "Sausage-making and meat-smoking" maybe - David the Gastro-gardener could give you some tips on that one too.

  2. Now I was going to get to that in a future post. I also got an electric meat grinder/sausage stuffer for Christmas and I do definitely intend to stop over at David's blog and look through it again before I try making sausage.

  3. Merry Christmas, alittle late*wink* I checked out that book from our library and loved it! Hoping your Christmas was blessed, ours sure was*wink* I miss having the time to blog but try to keep up on reading your blog( I know I'm not a good participant*sigh*)
    Keep sharing those hints, wisdom and folklore

  4. Thanks for posting this. I am going to check that book out. I may even buy it. :)

  5. I do like hearing that people are reading my blog. How nice is that! I don't know how much Phil actually paid for this book but to me it was worth every penny.

  6. Wow! That's my kind of book! What a wonderful resource!