Sunday, December 4, 2011


Yeah, I am posting again, scroll down to see the other ones I posted today. I suppose I could schedule this one to post tomorrow but I am excited that I found these (I'll save the " cutting up the turkey" post for tomorrow :)
When I went down to the compost bin to throw in all the veggie scraps and potato peelings from today I noticed that the frost had gotten to the potato plants that grew by themselves this year in the old compost pile so I decided to dig them up. I really didn't think there would be any real potatoes there but I got a bit of a suprise--now these are very small potatoes but they are potatoes and were completely free since I never planted them, watered them or fertilized them. All I had to do was throw the potato peels in the old compost pile and then dig them up today.
There is at least enough for a couple of meals here. I believe we will have new potatoes and squash with our chicken tonight. 


  1. Well now, that's the best way to get potatoes! Free! Compost does work wonders, doesn't it? They look nice!